Scrap Bows

I’m a big bow kinda gal.

When The Cuties were little and we lived in the Deep South, they rarely were seen without large hair bows in their hair and I loved every minute of it.  As they aged out of the big bows, I fought it hard, and convinced them their sleek ponytails, needed at least a long ribbon tied in them.  Purely selfish of me, I acknowledge, as this was all a way to feed my ribbon fetish.

And the thing about loving pretty ribbons is you always find a new way to use them!

Every time I wrap a gift for The Cuties, or I have a wee bit of ribbon off a bolt, I roll it up and save it in some big glass jars in my craft room (you can see them on the bookcase in the Office Tour in the old house tour here).  The Cuties have free access to these ribbon scraps for their projects and for their dolls.  But I like to play, too!

And so let me introduce Scrap Bows.

When I wrap gifts, I love wide ribbons, but sometimes I don’t have the right color in the right width in my stash.  Not a problem with a Scrap Bow!

Start with a basic ribbon and tie up your box.

{why yes, yes that IS Lilly Pulitzer wrapping paper.  Did you doubt I own a roll of every print it comes in?}

Then grab two pieces of ribbon scraps in each color and width you want to use.  I like to pull the colors from my wrapping paper.  Try and vary the texture, width and style of your ribbons as much as possible as it will jazz up your Scrap Bow the more you do {I used satin, grosgrain and ric rac in this one}.

Then take one of each ribbon and lay it across where you’ve tied your first square knot in your original ribbon.  Tie another square knot, while securing the ribbons and then lay the other set of ribbons across the top of the square knot in the opposite direction and repeat.  It should now look like this~

Now take your scissors and cut tails in the ribbons so that the tips of your tails are just shy of the edges of your box {if you aren’t familiar with “ribbon tails,” simply fold the two ends of your ribbons together and cut a “vee” angled up towards the center of the box}.

Voila!  You have a Scrap Bow.  Add your calling card or gift card and you are ready to go!

Bet you want to know what’s in the box now, don’t you?  Sorry, but the Mama of the sweet girl getting what’s inside reads my blog so it’s a secret for now 🙂

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8 Responses to Scrap Bows

  1. Tokyo Jinja says:

    If you hadn’t said it – I would have!!! No idea what is inside the box, but it will definitely be the most beautifully wrapped one there!!!
    Just FYI, managed to get little tubes of chocolate piping, so it will be a brown-edged skate…..

  2. Jenn says:

    I am constantly amazed with how talented you are and how much you manage to get done in one day. I’m exhausted just reading it!

  3. The Hook says:

    Big bows rock! Of course, i’ma straight. white male, so what do I know about bows?

  4. THis is great….I love wrapping as you might see if you visit Sweetwater Style…I am pinning this for another option! THanks

  5. Mary says:

    What a fabulous idea to use up ribbon scraps … something I have plenty of. Thanks so much!

    Mary @ SeaQuilts

  6. love the lily pulitzer look! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  7. shelli says:

    Not only can you organize my cupboard , you can also wrap all of our gifts.

    The boxes look fantastic!


  8. Melissa says:

    I love the wrapping. EVERY single time I see that pink and green color combo I think of you. 🙂

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