Just Another Day at the Park

We started our day with a lazy morning and then made our way to Yoyogi Park to spend the afternoon.  Yoyogi Park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo and sits between Shibuya and Shinjuku, right at the entrance to Harajuku.

The Cuties had an elaborate plan to film a music video that involved props, a director and  “behind the scenes” footage.  They clearly inherited this notion from their father as I was literally the last person I know to get MTV.  Yes, I’m still haunted by my delayed introduction to the genre of music video.  That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ with it.

So while they were occupied with the aforementioned project, I roamed the park with my camera to see what I could see.  And boy did I see some good stuff.

At the entrance upon our arrival was some sort of very serious and intense “Elvis-off.”  It was so awesome I could have stopped and watched all day.  Each group had their own old-school boom box, costumes and a token female member.  They even had jackets.

Several times today we encountered friendly people offering Free Hugs.

Since everything in Tokyo costs a bloody fortune, this was a bargain not to be missed!

I’m pretty sure I took about 500 pictures today {thank goodness for the invention of the DSLR!}.  So please indulge me with some of my favorite sights!

I’m not certain what exactly this was {if any dear readers know, please leave me a comment!}.  It reminded me of tai chi, but incorporated some sort of musical clickers.

This little fellow squatted and blew bubbles for the longest time while his mother sat next to him reading a book.  They seemed to be having the nicest afternoon.

There was a small group of children and adults participating in a Japanese scouting activity.  The little girls were all smiles and then got very serious while singing this song.

This old guy LOVED being the center of attention!  He could hop up on the ball all by himself and walk on top of it for a good 3-4 minutes at a time.  While his owner was nearby with an occasional treat, he was more than happy to hop right back up and go again without one as long as there was a crowd surrounding him!

The biggest crowd of the day had to be around the Bubble Man.  We hung out here for quite some time as it was perfect “Bubble Weather” with a slight wind that carried those giant bubbles along slowly at the perfect pace for children to run after them across the field, trying to catch them!

And he truly won everyone’s heart in that he had pint-sized bubble stations set up where children could try their hand at giant bubbles themselves.

There were acrobats

and people in all sorts of fun costumes {including cross-dressed ones, much to The Cuties’ amazement}.

And here are The Cuties filming their music video with some help from their tech crew:

It was an awesome way to spend an afternoon and we’ll definitely we back soon, only next time we’ll pack a picnic lunch!

Did I mention it’s OK to have wine or beer at the park? 😉

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7 Responses to Just Another Day at the Park

  1. Allie says:

    That is amazing!!! I can’t believe all the people are just hanging out in the park. How fun! Thank your for sharing your day with us, alisha! Your girls are adorable!
    Did the free hugs lady also have a sign in Japanese?

  2. Jessica says:

    It’s crazy to see fall leaves and you guys wearing long sleeves and jeans in Tokyo! We are down in Okinawa, Japan and we are still wearing shorts and tshirts!! We are still having 80 degree weather here and all green leaves and grass!

  3. Laura says:

    That is an amazing park! My little one was especially impressed by the acrobats.
    Synergistic Acres – Kansas City Natural Farm

  4. Ashley says:

    That’s incredible!! I loved seeing these pics!

  5. Shelley says:

    “Just another day” – amazing! A person could never get bored, could they, with all that entertainment at the park all the time! I’m not sure about the rules concerning alcohol here in Britain, except that many parks and beaches have been declared ‘alcohol free zones’ because of teens hanging out and drinking too much.

  6. SarahC says:

    It may not be crossdressing, but just cosplay (dressing up like an anime character or a person from a band)

    Is the park always like that? It looks like so much fun.

  7. feltsocute says:

    ALWAYS! 🙂 And yes, it is a lot of cosplay in addition to some random crossdressing.

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