Reusing for a Good Cause

Despite all sorts of proclamations to myself and Cute Husband about taking this first year abroad off from volunteering I have somehow found myself chairing the Hanukkah party at the JCC of Japan this coming weekend.

Funny how that happens, LOL!

So my Co-Chair and I are knee-deep in preparations, and I’m slowly working my way through my To Do List.  One of the activities we have planned is of course, a Dreidel station.  When you play dreidel, you need some sort of game piece to “ante in” to the pot and we have asked families to donate their ichi yen which are sort of the Japanese equivalent of pennies.  Our thought is that the children will use the yen to play the game and then we want to encourage them to donate their “winnings” to Tzedakah  at the end.  Tzedakah is the Hebrew word for charity.

In Japan Ritz crackers come in metal tins with plastic removable tops, which I thought would make a perfect Tzedakah container.  While I originally thought to make this very “Hanukkahish” I rethought that idea, so that the can could be used on other occasions.

I trimmed some scrapbook paper from my stash {I always wonder why I even have a stash of scrapbook paper since I’ve never scrapbooked in my life.  Odd, right?}, and glued it to the sides.  The paper wasn’t quite long enough to go all the way around, so I had to do a second sheet as a patch.

Because the scrapbook paper was so thick, I put some rubber bands around the tin while it dried to help the paper conform to the shape of the cylinder.

We are so hi-tech in the Felt So Cute household!

I then took a Sharpie and drew where I wanted my slot on the lid and simply cut it out with an x-acto knife {use a cutting mat for this, especially if you are working at your dining room table that you happen to be renting ;-)}.

Finally, I grabbed a sticker from my stash {finally a stash that makes sense around here!} and made up a label, and voila!

Please be sure and put a few coins in cans you see while out and about ~ especially this time of the year, and may all your dreidels land on gimel!

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5 Responses to Reusing for a Good Cause

  1. msumissa says:

    How fun! Funny how those of us that are naturally volunteer oriented make all sorts of promises to not get involved, (usually after being burned) and then there we are, back in the thick of it!

    Funny story, myself and my children learned to play Dreidel by watching Elmo’s Christmas, Baby Bear taught us!

  2. shelli says:

    I actually had a dream last night that I met Cute Husband and I told him to tell you how mush I enjoy reding your blog, so did he tell you.



    Happy Chanukah. i am making my 2nd batch of latkes and of course Coby is going to help me mix.

  3. pam says:

    You met cute husband? Haven’t you known him for a few years now? And, yes, I, too, love the blog!

  4. audrey says:

    I met a new wife at our Army wife coffee group last night and was telling her about your blog. She is Jewish and we live in Savannah, GA (a place not so well known for an abundance of things Jewish). Anywho, she was very excited to check out your blog. And today’s posting was just perfect for her!

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