A Great Miracle Happened Here

And by that I mean I hand sewed something.

Seriously, this project was untouched by my beloved glue gun, I swear to you.  Trust me, there were times I was tempted.  Because as usual, the idea in my head was WAY too complicated for a first time project like this, but did that stop me?  Of course not.  But then again, that probably explains the sink full of dirty dishes and the Jack Daniels sitting on the table right now.  But I digress…

One of the very few pieces of furniture we brought to Japan from home was the black bench from Ballard Designs {they no longer sell the same one, but check them out, since everything is 15% off right now so there must be something you want for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, whatever! And no this is not a paid endorsement.  But wouldn’t that be nice!  Mrs. Ballard are you reading?  I’m a big fan and will rave for discounts!}.  Again, I digress.  Sheesh.  Must be that Jack Daniels…..

As I was saying, we brought the black bench and it has been incredibly useful since it sits in the genkan and is the perfect place to sit and put your shoes on before leaving the apartment.

But with Hanukkah approaching I’ve been thinking she looks sort of sad and plain and needed a little spiffing up.  Don’t you agree?  {Please nod your heads here in the affirmative, or the rest of this post is sort of pointless.  Many thanks!}.

So off to the Silhouette store I went and lucky me I found an adorable set of dreidel shapes with the Hebrew letters that was perfect for what I had in mind.  I enlarged them to about 2″ x 3″ and printed them out on card stock as templates and then cut the shapes out of felt.

Then I cut the Hebrew letters out of white felt with my fine craft scissors and sewed them on by hand {while obviously watching television in my sweatpants as this lovely photo backdrop demonstrates}.

Once I had all my letters sewn on I felt they needed more.  This is entirely the fault of Laura at Bugs and Fishes, whose blog I read straight through for many hours several weeks ago practically drooling at her immense talent.  I was very much inspired by her style and thought a background layer to the dreidels much like she does on her birds would be perfect.  Pleased with myself for solving what bothered me I set to work.  And then promptly realized this “solution” meant I now had to sew four more dreidels onto pieces of felt.  Which was before I would then get to hand sewing the dreidels onto the actual piece of fabric.  This was probably the moment I first considered busting out the glue gun.  But I persevered on and ended up with this {my apologies for such a terrible cell phone photo}.

These little guys are going on a pillow, so the last step before sewing up the envelope pillow cover was to sew the pieces onto the top of the pillow piece.  Big Cutie grabbed my phone and snapped this “action” shot of me finishing up the last dreidel.  Just between you and me, I think she was trying to sneak in some Angry Birds before dinner.

Remember this guy from this post {my most popular post to date, by the way!}

Here’s the thing about apartment life and having given up my walk in attic storage space: I am learning to get much more creative in my projects and have things do double duty.  So while the Love pillow is completely sewn up, I designed this new dreidel pillow as an enveloped slip cover to simply fit over the love pillow so I can just store the folded cover in the Hanukkah bin nice and flat.  I had visions of doing this for ALL the Valentine pillows from last year, but it just isn’t going to happen this year.  Perhaps in the future.

For now, however, the genkan is ready to spin some dreidels and look a bit more festive!

I’m so glad I stuck with the hand sewing.  While I can see many imperfections and things I’d like to do differently the next time I embark on a project like this, I also love the layers and depth that I got from doing it by hand.  There’s something much warmer about seeing the individual stitches than I could have achieved with even my machine, or certainly the glue gun.

So now I guess I just have to figure out what kind of slip cover I can make for Passover and Cute Husband can then use this to recline upon!

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9 Responses to A Great Miracle Happened Here

  1. Tokyo Jinja says:

    I guess we inspired you….we’ll have you applique-ing a furin on the quilt next!

  2. feltsocute says:

    As usual you give me way too much credit. Case in point: I had to look up furin! 😉

  3. Condo Blues says:

    Hand sewing “perfectly” (not that it really happens and I’ve been sewing since Kindergarten) takes time and practice. I think it’s more about the zen time of getting into a project than making sure all of your stitches come out perfectly.

  4. shelli says:

    Wow, again!


  5. Dana says:

    Beautiful as usual! I have to ask….do you hang out all dressed up pearls and all…..? I’m lounging in my sweats and no bra (gasp).

  6. feltsocute says:

    It was after school and I’d had a full day out. The nano-second the kids head to bed I pretty much change into my PJs!

  7. Donna says:

    This is lovely!

  8. Laura says:

    How fun to make that space more you! Love recovering the pillow to make it suited to a holiday.
    Synergistic Acres – Kansas City Natural Farm

  9. the cape on the corner says:

    love the title/first line combo…love that not everyone is gonna get that! sweet dreidel pillow!

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