A Great Reason to Bring Your Kids to Japan

There were a lot of reasons why we made the decision to move to Japan, but tops on the list were the kinds of experiences our children could have.

So imagine my delight when checking Little Cutie’s homework folder and I read this:

Dear Parents,

To celebrate the New Year, the second grade classes will be going to Mikarino’s Soba Restaurant to eat the New Year soba for lunch.  Our experience will be on Friday, January 13th.  We will be walking over as it is very close to school.  We encourage everyone to use the chopsticks (hashi) provided to eat the soba noodles, and slurping is considered appropriate.  The lunch consists of soba and water so if you think your child will need an additional snack, please send one.

Happy New Year!

Oh please, please, please let them need volunteers!  I love the idea of 20 silly second graders from around the world sitting together with their American teacher slurping noodles in fits of giggles {at least my children end up with lots of giggles when we go for soba and start slurping our appreciation!}.

We are very happy our children are able to attend school with an American curriculum, and still be able to both study Japanese with native speakers and celebrate a great variety of local cultures and customs.

Wherever you are this New Year, I encourage you to make some soba and slurp away.

Shouldn’t we all ring in the New Year with a smile on our face and full belly!

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3 Responses to A Great Reason to Bring Your Kids to Japan

  1. eternalros3 says:

    That looks delicious! Unfortunately I’m horrible with chopsticks unless I’m eating something easy to pick up haha.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Oh! I slurped up a soba and calamari salad on New Year’s Eve. We meandered over to our local fish house with the kids in a last-minute attempt to be festive. Who knew I was partaking in a Japanese custom? Is it good luck? (Hope so!)

  3. What a great adventure you and your family are on.

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