All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Shhhh….can you hear that?  That, dear readers is the sound of an empty apartment. {It’s also the sound of a very clean apartment, but we’ll get to that in a minute!}.

We’re back in Japan after two wonderful weeks in Hawaii, where miraculously no one managed to get sunburned.  All the suitcases are unpacked, the laundry is done and the Hanukkah decorations have been put away {yes, my chest is puffed out a bit}.

We even managed to survive our ill-timed arrival home during the three days of national holidays for the New Year where every single place was closed by eating all the food in the freezer and pantry and occasional treats found at the convenience store across the street.  Note to self:  plan future Winter Break trips to be out of town at the beginning of January!

This morning, Cute Husband traded his flip-flops in for his suit and went back to the office and The Cuties ~ my babies ~ were dropped off at the Shinkansen to attend a four-day ski camp in Nagano.  To be clear:  I learned to ski on a glorified hill in West Virginia, and my children are learning to ski at an Olympic Village in Japan.  In my next life I like to come back as one of them!  We all survived the drop off just fine {the younger generation seemed much less phased than the older generation ~ sniff! sniff!} and I headed home to the apartment.

And got to work.

There’s something empowering about cleaning up knowing no one will actually be around to mess it up for a few days, LOL!  And because I finally had the time to figure out where to hang our new art we picked up from the framers, and because I have a small problem where I constantly feel the need to move furniture around my house {can I count that as cardio?} and because, well, I can ~ I did.

So here you go.

Looking through the dining room you can see I put the bookcases in the giant empty space by the television in the living room ~

And because this is the Year of the Dragon, we put out our new dragon figurine.  After the 7.0 earthquake we had this week we’re glad we chose one with a bobble head so we could watch him rock and roll!

And look how full our Japan memory jar is getting!  {you can also see a project from my Japanese Cut Paper class in the background}

But the impetus for the big rearranging was to find a safe place for our Daniel Kelly wood block fish print.  We chose to frame it without glass to really show off the incredible handmade paper and texture to this piece.  We love everything about how the framing turned out from the dimensionality of the actual print to the traditional Japanese frame.  However, we also live in the real world with two daughters who love to perform hip hop dances in the middle of the living room, play tag, and generally not worry about crashing into expensive art without protective glass.  So we needed to find a place for it that would have a little distance from where they regularly played as well as be somewhere we could enjoy it.  This fit the bill.

I especially love the way the waves and the tail look like they’re undulating.  It’s hard to see in the photograph, but the print is mounted on the prettiest ivory silk that I think will really pop when we’re back in the States and this is hanging on painted walls some day!

The second piece we purchased is called Miho by an artist name Hiromitsu who does prints from Kabuki theatre.  This is the first piece of art I’ve ever bought without Cute Husband and there are three things that appealed to me about it: the vibrant colors; the detail work in the kimono and the rabbit in the moon.  {While we look for the “Man in the Moon” in America, the Japanese look for a “Rabbit in the Moon.”}  We’ve had one full moon since this came home and The Cuties are positive they saw the Rabbit in the Moon that night!

So now I’ve managed to clean up, rearrange, do another load of laundry, shop the big Lilly Pulitzer Winter sale and eat a healthy lunch of microwave popcorn.

Thank goodness I’ve scheduled a hair appointment for most of tomorrow or The Cuties will return to find their rooms completely switched!

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3 Responses to All Quiet on the Eastern Front

  1. Both pieces are striking but I think my husband would LOVE the fish print. are any of his pieces sold in the US?

  2. Kelly says:

    I really love reading your blog and learning about your experiences in Japan. I am so jealous! 🙂

  3. feltsocute says:

    I believe he does sell there as he’s actually an American. If you look on his website, linked, I think there’s a gallery somewhere in the States that represents him.

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