Movie Night!

While The Cuties were off at Ski Camp, Cute Husband and I were able to enjoy multiple date nights without worrying about babysitters or watching the clock.  Since that hasn’t happened in over a decade, it was a luxury we indulged to the full extent!

So one night we finally made our way to a movie theatre in Tokyo.  We’d heard it was a very different experience and worth checking out.  We’d also heard it was pricey {of course, what isn’t in Japan, right?}.

We opted to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  Mostly because it was the English choice in the “Premier” theatre, and we decided if we were going to go for it, we might as well go for broke!  Besides, I’d stumbled onto the afternoon event for the world premiere of the movie with the BMW from the film proudly on display, so we thought this would be fun.

I’ve mentioned I’ve been learning katakana, which is the Japanese language used for foreign words.  Cute Husband and I therefore enjoyed referring to Tom Cruise as Toma Karuzu, as his name reads here {I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan, so this tickled me}.

Snacks are very different of course ~ flavored popcorns are a big deal, and despite the usually small portions in Japan, there still were big buckets of salty treats to be found!  However, in addition to the traditional snack bar there was also “The Store,” which sold candy by the gram and movie memorabilia.

We entered the Premier section and were given our drink ticket.  Feeling like slack-jawed yokels for having just bought water and sodas at the regular concession stand, we found ourselves standing in a slick lounge with a full bar.  Happy to have a cocktail with my movie, thank you very much!

When we arrived at our seats, there were small lit tables between our seats for our drinks and we could store our bags in the cabinet underneath it.

{Cute Husband says Cheers!}

There were a ridiculous number of trailers, half in English and half in Japanese {seriously, they lasted almost a half hour!}.  We were highly amused by the cinema company’s “no talking” message which had the usual “turn off your cell phone” type messages, but then ended with a stern warning for No Kicking and no illegal videotaping of the movies!  And then for the next 133 minutes, there was absolute silence in the theatre.   Little Cutie would have loved it; she gets totally irritated when people talk at the movies, LOL.  Alas, she will most likely never experience a Japanese movie at these prices!

In all, the experience was like being in a multimillionaire’s private screening room; the seats were leather and reclined; there were blankets available in case we were chilly; and staff came around to clear our empties at the end of the movie.  I should say as I imagine a multimillionaire’s private screening room would be.  I don’t actually know any.  But I’m taking applications for new multimillionaire friends in case they read my blog and are interested.

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3 Responses to Movie Night!

  1. Suzanne says:

    When you come back to the States, check out an iPic movie theater. It is just as you described…recliners, storage places for your belongings, blankets, waiters, real food, alcoholic beverages, etc. LOVE IT! Best of all, it will only set you back about $40 for two people (not including food).

  2. MJ says:

    These types of theaters are common in the U.S. now too. We have four of them in my city. They are great! I love the reclining seats, pillows and blankets. They have a full bar and restaurant menu as well.

  3. shelli says:

    sounds like the movies were quite an experience. I love the tables and blankets. If it weren’t so expensive you could have taken a nap.



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