Preppy Corner

I see quotations pinned on Pinterest all the time.

Rarely do I even stop and read them, but this one really caught my attention and I immediately copied it down and emailed it to Cute BFF and told her we had to do something with it because it was so us.

So I typed it up in a cute font, made it hot pink and printed it out on some nice Japanese linen paper I bought while over here {which of course politely kicks butt of any linen paper I’ve ever purchased in the States when sending out resumes.  Do people even send out resumes on nice paper anymore?  Shows you the last time I even wrote a resume.  I should probably end this conversation now since Cute Husband reads my blog and might want to tip toe into a discussion about my going back to work again someday if I have enough time to ponder the merits of linen paper and printed resumes and all…..}

As usual I digress!

It’s like I wrote it.  Except for the whole not being an actress, not having an Oscar and not being blonde.  Other than that, it’s like we’re the same person.

So I picked up a bright green frame at Ikea today ~ I mean if you’re framing a quotation about monogramming, don’t you think you may as well go whole hog and make it über preppy?  I like these Nyttja frames for little projects like this, especially because they come in so many great colors, so you don’t even have to spray paint them!

{and here’s a little US to Japan comparison for you since many of you ask ~ in the States, the list price is $1.99 each.  Today in Tokyo I paid Y399 for one, which is about $5.15. Egads!}

And here it is on my wall.

Doesn’t it look cute with my original Lilly Pulitzer print?

I think my next craft room/office Stateside just might have to have a full-on pink and green-prepster-Lilly-mongrammed theme to it.  Of course Cute Husband just read this and wondered aloud how that differed from what we already have.

Dude, just you wait.

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1 Response to Preppy Corner

  1. Allie says:

    lol! I love it!

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