Ballet Flats for a Cause

I’ve been thinking about ballet flats for two reasons: one because I’ve been thinking about how fabulous Audrey Hepburn made a simple pair of ballet flats, black cigarette pants and a black top look.

And two, the new TOMS ballet flats debuted today and are too cute for words!  While a huge fan of the TOMS corporate philosophy, I was never a fan of the original Classic style. It was a little too “sneakerish” for my taste.  But now I live in a city where I don’t have a car and walk everywhere, so comfort has to take precedent sometimes over style and I have abandoned some of my “beautiful-but-painful” shoes.  But these ~ these are precious!  Fortunately, Cute Mom and Cute Dad are coming to visit in two weeks, so look what will be packed inside their suitcases!

{a basic neutral for my practical side}

{and hot pink suede for sassy days!}

I think there’s a nice pairing of TOMS ballet flats and Audrey Hepburn when I think about her charity work with children, and TOMS One for One program where they give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes you purchase.

It definitely takes the sting out of the bottom line on your order when you see the phrase “You Helped Two Children in Need” right after your total, don’t you think?

So which shoes will you pick?

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2 Responses to Ballet Flats for a Cause

  1. I love Audrey- my 4-year-olds room is all things pink, black, paris and Audrey!
    Can I admit I do not like the original Toms (please dont be angry), but these… these are Awesome! Thank you sharing these!
    ~Jen @

  2. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    Oh, I love the pink ones. I’m so glad TOMS is branching out!

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