A Little Shameless Plug for Help, Please!

I posted last summer about our amazing photo session with the uber talented {and super fun} Heather Golde.   I keep teasing her that she needs to fly over to Japan and do it again for us this year.  That can happen, right? 🙂

Well she is having a photo contest and chose a gorgeous picture she took of The Cuties as one of the entries.  If we win, we get a print of it as well as another Organic Bloom frame! {you know, those frames everyone is pinning on Pinterest!}.

So here’s my shameless request.  If you are on Facebook and wouldn’t mind going to her page and “liking” this picture, I’d most appreciate it.  And while you’re there, please “like” Heather’s page!  You’ll like her, I promise you will!  She has great ideas and photos to look through~


Many thanks!

And feel free to share with me what color frame you think would look best with The Cuties and all their crazy colors if we win!

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