If There’s a Craft Class, We Shall Find It…

The Cuties and I have developed quite the Crafting Workshop Radar.  Even in a foreign country, it rings true and clear.

This past weekend, we were visiting Kyoto {more to come on this charming city!} and found ourselves a bit ahead of schedule on a rainy Saturday morning.  We stopped into the Kyoto Handicraft Center for a bit of souvenir shopping and were browsing the woodblock print gallery on the third floor.  Since we now own two woodblock prints, I took the opportunity to explain to The Cuties exactly how woodblock prints were made, and pretty much rocked their world in showing them some really intricate pieces of art and the many woodblocks that were on display.  We saw a sign explaining that the Amita building next door offered a hands on crafting experience and skipped on over {OK, the shorter members of The Felt So Cutes skipped; the grown ups moved more slowly as we had yet to find a Starbucks still that morning}.

Imagine our good fortune in discovering we were the only people there on a rainy day!

First, The Cuties watched a brief video explaining how woodblock prints are made.  Here’s a really great one I found on You Tube where you can see the steps in detail.

The studio area was completely set up so each Cutie could work on a side on a different print and when they finished they were able to switch sides and try the other design.

Here, The Cuties are learning about the hosho paper they were going to print on, which had a rough and a shiny side.

Little Cutie is making quite the face as she rubs hard on her paper to ink it well.

Even Mommy gives a fist pump when we successfully inked a complicated block!

Big Cutie is almost to her last block!

And voila!  One torii gate and a geisha girl in six easy steps!

Pretty cool, eh?  I guess we are the proud owners of four woodblock prints now!

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2 Responses to If There’s a Craft Class, We Shall Find It…

  1. Tokyo Jinja says:

    I so want to go there with the girls now!!! Really well done workshop!

  2. That looks incredible!

    And, I love your blog so much I tagged you in my 11 Things post that I just did. It’s a silly post but kind of fun. 🙂 http://niknaksandnoms.blogspot.com/2012/02/11-things.html

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