Just Sit Right Back and You’ll Hear a Tale…

Our boat tour of the islands of Phuket was eight hours instead of three, and we had a Skipper and a Gilligan, but no Professor, Howells or Mary Ann.  Little Cutie did turn into a bit of a movie star, but I’ll get to that later…

We started our day bright and early at 6:45 am and headed about an hour away from our hotel to the Ao Po marina to join up with the rest of our group and Captain Sean with Phuket Sail Tours.  There were some lovely people aboard our speedboat, and we all settled in as we left the dock to start exploring Phang Nga Bay for the day.

As we hit the open waters, we began to see all of the small islands that Phuket is known for.  It had poured the night before, and the early morning was still hazy, but was burning off fast and furiously and it was a sight to behold.

As we sped closer to some of the islands, we could really see the amazing stalactites that form on the edges of the islands and their caves that have formed from years of pounding surf.

We anchored the boat at Phanak Island and climbed through a cave with flashlights and emerged at an amazing dry lagoon because it was low tide.  Sean explained that at high tide it would be up to shoulder-height and filled with fish and other critters!  The roots on the trees were especially cool ~

Next we were met by charming guides with inflatable canoes to take us around more caves, islands and stalactites.  There some really neat formations in the rocks that looked like Scooby Doo, Buddha, and giant fish, which The Cuties found very cool!

We then headed to James Bond Island, famous for the movie Man with the Golden Gun.  While striking, it was the most “touristy” of everywhere we went, but it’s kinda one of those places you’re “supposed” to visit when traveling to Phuket, so we could cross it off our list.

Little Cutie, however, was quite the Bond Girl at James Bond Island.  We think it may be her long, thick and curly dirty blond hair, but she was swarmed by the nicest women, all wanting to take pictures with her.  In classic Little Cutie form, not only was she unfazed by it all, but she told me it was probably a good thing for her since she wants to be a rock star some day, and now she’s had practice dealing with fans!

We then made a quick detour to Kao Kee-un to see ancient peoples’ cave paintings.  The Cuties were particularly interested in the role of dolphins in the drawings and hearing Captain Sean explain reincarnation and returning to the sea.

We stopped for lunch at the floating village of Koh Panyi.  We walked around the village and were able to see local homes, a mosque, shops, etc.  There’s even a school there, complete with floating soccer field!

The last stop of the day was the island of Koh Hong Krabi for swimming and snorkeling.

 It was really beautiful and peaceful and Sean took the girls out onto a sandbar with some bananas and showed them how the tropical fish will eat right out of their hands!

This was a much more fun use for leftover bananas than banana bread!

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5 Responses to Just Sit Right Back and You’ll Hear a Tale…

  1. aluvsj says:

    Wow, what an incredible place!

  2. Shelli says:

    What an amazing place. And your girls are real troopers!


  3. Ashley says:

    Just Stunning !
    Lil Cutie sounds so adorable. “practicing for her fans!”. 🙂

  4. Dana says:

    Fantastic! I have people say they want to sneak in my suitcase alot. I want to sneak in you suitcase…WOW Phuket!!! That and Africa…on my list of “must do’s”

  5. feltsocute says:

    Africa is very high on my wishlist, but alas with my Crohn’s it just isn’t in the cards. The Cuties, however, have promised me they will go someday, and make a video of their adventure and share it all with me!

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