Organizing the Fun Jewelry

Now that the birds are chirping and the sun is shining I find myself pulling out more and more of my big chunky jewelry for “pops” of spring color to my wardrobe.

Except there’s a small problem.

This is what my costume jewelry boxes have been looking like for several months now.

{my head is hung in shame, I promise}

I hate that every time I wanted to wear something, not only did I have to search for it, but inevitably, it was tangled up with another necklace or two.  This simply won’t do.

So I stopped by the 100 Yen store {like a Dollar Store for Japan} and grabbed a few different sized bags and got to work dumping everything out onto my bed.  I used the biggest ones for my largest necklaces; the medium ones for necklaces and bracelets; and the smallest ones for rings and pins.

I separated each piece of jewelry, untwisted it, and closed the clasp before putting each piece in an individual bag {if you’re looking for bags like these in the States, I’d recommend a craft store that has jewelry supplies, as regular ziploc bags will be larger than you need}.  I then lined up the bags back in the boxes I was using and voila!  I can “shop” my closet shelf to easily find what I’m looking for when getting dressed.

In addition to making me actually wear my jewelry instead of trying to avoid the tangled pile on a busy morning, I think this system will especially come in handy when packing to travel as often as we do.  I’m envisioning just tossing the individual baggies into a larger pouch and on into my suitcase, and having everything easily accessible on my trips.

Now…..who wants to be the one to tell Cute Husband that in sorting out this mess I discovered I have three different versions of big turquoise necklaces?

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2 Responses to Organizing the Fun Jewelry

  1. Ohhhh, that looks so nice! I might have to do the same soon!

  2. This is great if you are selling jewelry and you’ve opened the bag. You can just get another bag and put on your logo. Very smart idea!!!

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