Monogrammed Wellies to Chase the Clouds Away!

 It was raining today and I was wearing my wellies, and looked down and thought I really should have purchased them in a brighter color for a little more oomph.

And then it occurred to me I could give them a little more oomph in the blink of an eye thanks to my Silhouette!

So I quickly set up a three-initial monogram in the Silhouette Studio using the Baskerville Old Face font.  I both enlarged and vertically stretched the entire thing, and then ungrouped the design so that I could make my center letter larger.  Remember when designing with your Silhouette for a specific size that you can measure your space and then utilize the sizing frame to perfectly resize your creation for the project.

Next, I measured the positioning on my wellies where I wanted the top center of my monogram to be and marked a small dot with a pencil.

Once I peeled back my vinyl and moved it to the transfer paper I cut a small notch at the very top of the larger, center initial so that I would easily be able to see where that pencil dot was when placing my design onto the boot itself.  I made sure I actually covered the dot with the vinyl, but I can’t imagine anyone would ever be that close to the side of my rain boots!  When transferring vinyl I know many people use the side of a credit card, but I find a bone folder for card-making to be the very best tool!

Then I just peeled away the transfer paper and in about ten minutes total had custom monogrammed wellies!

Two notes for this project:

I used premium vinyl meant for indoor and outdoor use, which I would recommend since the boots will be exposed to the elements.  Also to pick away the excess vinyl from the details within the monogram I used the Hook to help without disturbing the integrity of the fine lines.  This would be especially helpful if you opted for a script monogram.

What will you do to make puddle splashing more fun?

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8 Responses to Monogrammed Wellies to Chase the Clouds Away!

  1. Kelly Smith says:

    They are cute! Great thinking!

  2. Would love to do that to mine!

  3. eternalros3 says:

    Those boots are so cute! I’m always trying to keep an eye out for an affordable pair of everyday and/or winter boots like those, but around my area I never have success.

  4. saynotsweetanne says:

    Ha ha! These boots make me smile! Now there’s a way to make your boots stand out as your own! What a great Idea- good thinking 😀 I would love for you to link up to my debut of Sweet Sharing Mondays (new weekly party)!

  5. Great project, now how about adding some colorful raindrops?Great to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday and hope you’re enjoying your Japanese adventure!

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  8. We can’t wait to monogram everything with our new silhouette! Thanks for the tips!

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