Springtime Door Decor

In the chaos of the whole moving to the other side of the world thing I’ve recently realized the spring wreath some how didn’t make the trip.

This should be my biggest problem

{said in my best yenta voice}.

Cute Husband is currently on a business trip back in the States and is armed with a list of items to pick up at Target and Nordstrom for me and The Cuties.  Even I realize the absurdity of asking him to choose and cart home “a spring wreath.”

So I shopped my stash and here’s what I came up with.

A foam paint brush, Mod Podge, a roll of wrapping paper, a finger painting tray and a ‘G’ initial.   Do you feel like you’ve seen that G initial a million times already?  You kind of have.  It’s had a good life, working as home decor in several houses in many rooms and has a regular template for other crafts.  It’s most famous for helping out on my Pottery Barn Moss Initial Hack.

Not bad for a purchase made back in 2007!

If I learned anything from the oversize initial I Mod Podged for Little Cuties room makeover it’s that you want to do as much prep work in advance before your fingers are covered with glue!  So I tore a bunch of pieces of wrapping paper and had them ready.

Then I used the Mod Podge to glue pieces all over the top and sides of the initial.  I’ll be honest here and tell you that whenever I Mod Podge {don’t you love that it’s a noun and a verb?!}, I have visions of staying neat and daintily using my brush.  And that all pretty much flies out the window within the first ten minutes and I start dipping my finger directly in the jar and using it like finger paint to smooth the paper more easily.  Trust me, you get better results this way.  Just keep a paper towel handy in case your husband should happen to call from a continent away and you need to answer your iPhone.

Not that it makes a big mess or anything.

When you’ve completely covered the initial in wrapping paper {washi paper would work great for this project as well!}, rest it on the edge of your tray to dry overnight.

I didn’t bother to cover the back completely with paper for this project.  You can opt to either do that or what I did, which was to cover it with felt.  I recommend the felt if you are planning to hang this on a door, as opening and closing the door will cause your initial to bang a bit and you don’t want it to scratch your paint finish.

I traced around my initial with a colored pencil and then cut about 1/8 of an inch inside of that line with my scissors to ensure I wouldn’t be able to see the felt from the front.

Then flip the whole thing over and hot glue it to the back of your initial.

{I could pretend that the whole manicure perfectly coordinated with the craft project was intentional and I’m just that on top of things, but instead I’ll confess that I was gluing this around 10:30 in the morning and still in my blue pajamas pants that I think are reflecting in the scissors.  Awesome.}

I grabbed some ribbon, tied a bow and threw this up on a little wreath hanger.  I think it will look much more glamorous someday suspended in the middle of an over sized moss-covered wreath in the middle of my door, but that will wait until we’re back in America.  For now, we’ll be petite and kawaii off to the side!

And I really do believe this should be the last reincarnation of the G initial now that slapped glue all over it.  Although I should really never say never….

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6 Responses to Springtime Door Decor

  1. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    I love this idea! I will definitely be making one of these next weekend!

  2. sl says:

    What a great idea! I love reading your blog. What an adventure you are on with your family. My hubby’s job has the possiblity of a international move and I am SCARED!! Can you share what bought you to this city? Is there good schools and medical support for Americans? I am trying to be brave but I am scared to leave the USA. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Finally, something I might actually be capable of doing myself. 🙂 It looks great!

  4. Laura says:

    Very pretty new decor, that G has been well loved! Last year, I was inspired to make the moss wreath you featured and I was thrilled to get it out again (we moved, too, but we got to bring all our things 😉 )

  5. Tokyo Jinja says:

    It looks like a washi paper project – very Japan inspired if you ask me!

  6. Sarah B says:

    I love this. I’ve been meaning to make something like this that was found on Pinterest but you made it look so much easier. Thanks for sharing!

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