Covered Coasters

We laid pretty low this past weekend since the weather wasn’t very nice and Cute Husband and I were both recovering from colds.  By Sunday afternoon The Cuties were clearly over our mantra of rest and relaxation and needed something a little more concrete to occupy them.  While searching for something else, I came across these heavy paper coasters I found at Tokyu Hands.

I pulled out our ever-growing washi tape stash and The Cuties and I set to work covering the tops of all the coasters with strips of pretty tape.  The beauty of this project was that it was meant to be haphazard and asymmetrical, and thus perfect for children and multiple hands to work on at once.

After a little trial and error we figured that choosing our washi tape combinations in threes seemed to work the best.  When doing this project there’s no need to completely cover the back of the coaster, so just rip your tape long enough to overlap the sides a bit.

For The Cuties, they found it helpful to have some direction so I instructed them to alternate which direction they placed each piece of tape, and to rotate through each of their three varieties of washi before repeating.  This helped them achieve a nice blend of “randomness.”

Once we covered the fronts of all the coasters {we made two packages of eight}, I traced one of the coasters onto a scrap piece of card stock to make a template and cut it out.

I then cut coordinating colors of felt scraps for the backs.  This serves two purposes: one, to cover the mess on the backs; and two, to protect your table surface.  I hot glued the felt onto the backs and the project was almost complete….

Because really, no coaster project is complete without a cocktail!

And here are all of our combinations ~

And the backs ~

Which color combo do you like best?

Note: I have no idea why all my photos for this project look like they were taken with my cell phone.  I used my little point and shoot since I needed to use my hands for many of the shots and apparently experienced technical difficulties.  My apologies!

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10 Responses to Covered Coasters

  1. Widi says:

    its cool ;;)

  2. Julie says:

    You really can’t pick just one!!! I love them all together! You guys did a great job! I want some washi tape!!! This is what I call team work!!!

  3. msumissa says:

    Those would be a cute little hostess gift, throw 4 together and use that fabulous wrapping stuff from Japan and voila, a gift. Very cute. I have tape envy now…. it used to be sharpie envy, why can’t we have cute stuff in the states, *stamps foot and pouts*

  4. Pia says:

    Not really related, but your nails look great!

  5. Kelly Smith says:

    Those are really cute! I like them all!

  6. Carolyn says:

    I’ve got to look up Washi tape! I also agree..nails look great 🙂

  7. Dana says:

    Super cute! What a fun idea to do with my girls. I wouldn’t even know where to find Washi tape here, tho.

  8. Tracee Moore says:

    How do the prices of washi tape here in the US compare to those in Japan? Just curious…they are an expensive addiction of mine here! I’m going to try and make my own with some double sided tape, but the double sided tape alone is expensive!!

  9. feltsocute says:

    It’s a *reasonably* priced craft supply in Japan, considering everything in Japan costs so much more than it does in America. Basic MT rolls run around Y200, which is approximately $2.50

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