Travel Picture Frame

I’m beginning to think about things I want to gather together for our summer visit to America.  The Cuties and I will be away from Japan for about two months, and unfortunately my husband will only be able to join us for a couple of weeks.

While I’ll have my laptop and iPad with me, which include hundred of photographs, I’m an old-fashioned girl.  I can’t imagine being somewhere and not having a framed picture of me and my best guy to peek at each day.

I need something that will easily slip into my suitcase without the fear of finding shards of glass upon arrival.  This project is ideal for graduates moving to dorm rooms, and also easy for kids to make for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day with minimal help from an adult.

So I started with this simple wooden craft frame from Michael’s that somehow made its way into our sea shipment {more than half our kitchen items were misdirected to storage, but this kind of stuff seems to keep popping up in ample supply ~ go figure!}.

I grabbed some more of the ever-growing supply of washi tape and set to work creating patchwork stripes.  When I had covered the front, I traced the frame onto a scrap piece of card stock and cut it out.  I then traced that onto a scrap piece of coordinating felt and cut it out and hot glued it to the back of the wooden frame {I tell you to do this step a lot in my directions, but I really think finishing off the backs of your projects takes it up a notch in the quality of your work}.

After the felt was glued on, I took very sharp scissors and carefully snipped the tiny hole where the peg fit in to create the stand for the frame.  You don’t want to do this before you glue the felt to the back as felt stretches a bit and it will be a nightmare to perfectly match up that minuscule hole.

I popped my photograph in and I’m all set!  To pack it up, I just took the peg out and attached it to the back of the frame with a little piece of painter’s tape so it doesn’t get lost in the abyss of a big suitcase.

Now, I just have about 2,486 other things on my list to get ready to pack.

I’ll keep you posted.

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3 Responses to Travel Picture Frame

  1. This turned out beautiful! Get packing… the states are calling your name:)

  2. Cute Poppa J says:

    Poppa J

  3. msumissa says:

    Love the tape, it is a darn good thing I am not in Japan, I would leave my clothes and come back to the US with tape loaded in my luggage… oh and paper too. And who am I kidding, I would buy all the fabric I could too….

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