My friend Laurie and I recently spent the day in a cool part of Tokyo called Omotesando.  Unfortunately, we picked one of the rainiest days of the year for our outing, but we were total troopers {OK, the reality is it’s such a busy time of the year we didn’t want to cancel and be unable to reschedule before we both head back to America for the summer}.

At one point we ducked into a little candy shop called Candy Show Time to get out of the rain for a minute and happened upon the best luck!  The “Candy Artisans” had just begun the process of making their signature treats, so we stopped to watch.  They began with “blobs” of sugar in red, white and blue, that they were constantly kneading, just like dough.

When I describe it as dough-like, I really mean it.  They even were working it on something very much resembling a dough hook so it didn’t harden, and I believe to get the air bubbles out and prevent cracking.

At this point, I think the staff has figured out we weren’t planning on going anywhere and so they began to interact with us since we were the only people in the place!  They showed us which design they were working on ~ the middle one on the right {the word love in a bubble}.

They began working from the middle of the design, outward.  Here is one of the Candy Artisans creating the letters that form L-O-V-E.

The next step was to wrap the letters in the white candy to form the circle.  This was originally several pieces patched together, and then the Artisan repeatedly rocked the roll back and forth to smooth it all out.

Here you can see them putting the blue striped border around the candy, which was the last step of “building” the design.  Again, it was done in pieces and rocked together.

At this point, Laurie and I were really beginning to wonder how exactly they were going to get that HUGE, fat roll of candy into pieces that look like this?

And then she began to stretch and pull….

And more people got in on the action.

Until it was finally thin enough!

And once they’d cut it into long rods, it was time to break it off into the little bite-sized pieces they sell in their mixes.

And here’s the finished product!

They were some sort of raspberry flavor.  We tried to buy a whole jar of just the design we watched being made for over an hour {I imagine they’re still talking about the two crazy American ladies}, but no luck ~ these were created for part of a “love mix” filled with candies that also had hearts, said “kiss,” and “I love you” on them.

They were, however, absolutely yummy!

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  1. We call this type of sweet Rock in the UK, not sure if that what you call it in the US? Its traditionally sold in seaside towns, its a bit of an English joke if someone says “Im going to the seaside” to say “bring me back some rock!” I have also seen this made in a little town local to me called Cheddar, (where the cheese is from) and I was also mesmerised, it really does look like dough when they are kneading it doesnt it! Sounds like you had a blast with your friend.

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