A Rather Atypical Mother’s Day

Well this was definitely one for the memory books!

For Mother’s Day today we spent the day at school, where Little Cutie competed in a Sumo Wrestling Tournament!  

She’s been participating in the Sumo Club for a few weeks, and learning all about the sport.  Right now is one of the big sumo tournaments in Tokyo, so it was perfect timing for all the students to compete in their own tournament.

To arrive at school on time for registration and the Opening Ceremonies, we had to leave our apartment by 7:00 am {note to self:  last night was probably not the best choice to have gone out well past midnight, but c’est la vie! 🙂 }.  We arrived on campus to find quite the spectacle!  Traditional banners, lined the football field, where two rings had been set up.

To review the rules with all the children, there were a few members of the sumo team from Tokyo University on hand to demonstrate.

It was finally time for Little Cutie’s first match.  Because all the other schools were Japanese elementary schools, they adjusted some of the grades in which the American children competed since we function on a different calendar.  This meant Little Cutie had to compete in the 3rd Grade group even though she’s in 2nd Grade.  She looked rather little to her Mama!  However, she stepped up to the ring for her match on the West side, and her opponent stepped up to the East side and promptly burst into tears and eventually forfeited.  Poor thing.  Doesn’t she look intimidating, LOL?

The next round didn’t go quite so easily and she actually had to fight with someone!

This is her very serious game face as she bows to her competitor.

And here they are ready to face off.

Little Cutie may be little, but she was quick out of her squat! {and that tongue is always out when she plays sports of any kind ~ I’m so worried she’s going to bite it off one day!}

She gave a good fight, but got pushed out of the ring and lost the match.

I love this picture where Big Cutie was listening intently as Little Cutie and her coach were going over some last-minute techniques before the final match in the double elimination.  If you look carefully, there’s a little shoulder rub down going on!

It was a very different, but really fun way to spend the day with my girls on Mother’s Day.   I’m really proud of Little Cutie for trying something new and so out of her “comfort zone,” and never getting upset that she didn’t win.

And I’m really, really glad there was no required parent participation!

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3 Responses to A Rather Atypical Mother’s Day

  1. Aunt Pam says:

    She just has to gain about 350 lbs, and can be official.

  2. msumissa says:

    Aww, go Little C! How fun. And Big C was such a great trainer for her, keeping her loose! What a fun afternoon and looks like beautiful weather! I had fun getting the garden in. I wish my little cuties were as excited about pulling weeds as they would be at sumo wrestling!

  3. Dana says:

    That is awesome!! What great memories you are making in Japan!

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