In the Bag

The Cuties and I are getting ready to head to the States for the summer and are sorting through what we need to pack up.

On my long list of things to bring with us were bags for the girls to take their things to the pool each day and also some reusable shopping bags for the grocery store.  But packing space is at a premium so I decided to combine these two so they could do double duty.

I started by giving The Cuties blank canvas tote bags {these were bought at Michael’s in America and came in 3-packs} and had them sketch their designs in colored pencils first.

They then took paint pens and Sharpies and drew over their designs.

They each chose a theme they love and these are a great size to hold their Kindles, goggles, a snack, and anything else they want to carry around with them!

And because the bags came in a three-pack and I never let an opportunity to play with Sharpies and paint pens pass me by, I got in on the act, too!

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4 Responses to In the Bag

  1. Victoria says:

    Excellent idea for a project with my 6-year old. Thank you for the suggestion.

  2. pzlee says:

    So clever, and really cute.

  3. gena says:

    So sweet – you really are the neatest mommy ever !!!!! thanks for sharing your “cute” life with us! Safe trip…


  4. Laura says:

    Fun project. Too bad the bags didn’t come in a four pack…hope your husband doesn’t feel too left out 😉

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