On the Road Again

I’ve been talking a lot lately about this trip across the Pacific we’re taking to head back to the States and it’s finally here!

We packed up our suitcases…

{in the interest of full disclosure, this was only about half of our bags when all was said and done.  We never claimed to be packing light!}

We made it to the airport with time to spare for silliness….

And for the first time, The Cuties asked if they could be each others’ “Airplane Buddies” instead of each pairing up with a grown up.  It was as pleasant as one could say a thirteen hour plane trip could be as they sat playing and entertaining each other and settled in to sleep, and I actually had a quiet conversation with my husband before bedtime!  I could get very used to this travel plan!

We have arrived safely, all the luggage made it, and we are seeing all of our very favorite people day after day.

Jet lag is dissipating and I have managed to shop both Lululemon and Lilly Pulitzer.

All is right in my world.

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1 Response to On the Road Again

  1. gena says:

    Enjoy your summer here at home!!!

    BTW – those cuties, well they are just SOOOOO CUTE – God Bless them both!


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