My Happy Place

It’s not that I’ve been ignoring you, my lovely readers, but rather that I’ve been neck-deep, whole-hog, fully ensconced in my personal Happy Place.

About seven years ago we discovered the beautiful place that is Kiawah Island, SC and have been back as often as possible ever since.

So when we sold the Connecticut house, became Expats and faced the issue of where to spend our summer Stateside, it wasn’t much of a debate to pick Kiawah as our place to be.

Every time, we leave Charleston, and drive over the bridge and start to see the canopy of trees dripping with Spanish moss, I can’t quite keep still; I’m like a puppy wagging my tail with excitement.

{apologies for the lousy photo, but I’m only willing to snap one quick photo while driving, so you get what you get and you don’t get upset, LOL!}

We’ve been here now for two weeks and have had a blast.  We’ve spent most of our time at the pool and beach.  The Cuties have reached that critical point in their lives where they are both independent and strong enough swimmers that they can really play on their own and with other kids all day long.  That means us adults get to read, relax and actually spend time together.  OH JOY!

Kiawah added a fabulous new children’s splash pool this year that opened just prior to our arrival {thanks so much, folks!}.  Big Cutie is keeping track of her times down the slides; at last count I believe she was up to thirty-seven, but please don’t quote me!

And Little Cutie has taken up target practice with her sister as the target!
BOTH Cuties learned to ride bikes in record time and Little Cutie is working on skateboarding.  She picked out a skateboard that glows in the dark, which even I have to admit is pretty darn cool, but unfortunately she still goes to bed when it’s light out most nights!

There’s been a pie-eating contest at our favorite Monday night BBQ and Oyster Roast.

{I lost}

We’ve had both sets of grandparents come visit us and manage to get lovely pictures!

{I’m going to whisper this part so I don’t jinx it…}

Most importantly, my Happy Place has magical powers over The Cuties.  They are sweeter to each other, don’t argue, are more well-mannered to us and other adults and generally  just awesome.  I’m pretty sure it’s their Happy Place, also.

There’s a little dark cloud over my Happy Place tonight though, since I just put The World’s Most Thoughtful Husband Who Let His Wife and Children Live at the Happy Place All Summer {TWMTHWLHWCLHPAS} on the plane back to Japan.

I might have to change this to the *Almost Perfect* Happy Place.  Because in the Most Perfect Happy Place on Earth, he could stay here all summer with us, too.

That would be lovely.

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3 Responses to My Happy Place

  1. Laura says:

    Ah, that would be lovely! Glad you’ve found such a wonderful summer spot. If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy – maybe that’s why everyone is getting along so well, because you’re so happy!

    A friend on mine recently shared how formative a few years of her childhood were when she lived abroad. I thought of you and your adventures. She hopes to be able to share a similar experience with her children someday.

  2. sl says:

    I have been to your Happy Place and it indeed was very happy. I only went for 1 week but I have always wanted to go. I am jealous you get to stay there all summer!! Enjoy!!

  3. Kimberlee says:

    I started reading your blog as we were planning to move to Japan and my sister had stumbled across your blog. We are now living in Japan and you are visiting our prior home! We moved to Yokosuka from Charleston! Small world, huh? I am so glad you are enjoying your time! We are busy enjoying our new home and exploring Japan! Today we spent the day in Tokyo 🙂

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