Plough Mud Princesses

Last week we got up early and embarked on a Family Kayaking trip on the salt marshes in the Low Country, here in South Carolina.  My parents were still visiting, so we filled three boats, along with a few others and two Naturalists on staff at Kiawah.

The cute grandparents have their own kayaks down in Florida, so they were old pros {not that they’re old! 😉 }, but this was The Cuties first time in a kayak, so they had a mini lesson learning what to do with their paddles before we set off.

Having Naturalists with us really made the trip extra special.  As we paddled along, they pointed out loggerhead turtles, bird life and jumping fishes.  They also told us all the things that exemplified what a healthy ecosystem we were seeing and how to tell when you were near an unhealthy marsh {you know that stinky smell over a bridge?  that’s usually a sign!}.

But far and away the best part of our trip was beaching at the Plough Mud!

When we first pulled up to the Plough Mud, it was covered in Fiddler Crabs.  We watched the males all waving their one large claw around {used simply to attract females} and had much silliness waving our arms, calling out “Look at my giant claw!”

Plough Mud is so named because that’s the sound it makes when you step in it – the mud on the banks is so mushy and squishy that a full-grown adult could step in it and end up sinking to their hips!  And it sounds like PLOUGH! PLOUGH! PLOUGH! with each step.

And then we learned that Plough Mud is just about the softest mud you’ve ever felt, and pretty much the same stuff used at the nicest spas.

So guess what we did next?

 And check out how Little Cutie gave herself a little eye treatment, too!

So remember when I said The Cuties had a little lesson on paddling?  While Big Cutie did an awesome job paddling all day with her Daddy, Little Cutie’s lesson didn’t seem to “take” quite as well.  As a result, I spent my morning with a 50 lb duffer in my boat.

You can tell in this picture she wasn’t even attempting to paddle at this point as I’m guiding us into the dock against the current.

You can also tell by her grin, that she was having a fabulous time!

 Actually, we all had a fabulous time!

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