Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

My Happy Place is even happier this week because Cute BFF and her family are here visiting us in Kiawah.

While it’s been almost two decades since we’ve lived in the same place, multiple continents and many states, we can still spend all day with our heads together chatting non-stop about all things, great and small.

Our husbands like to say that we share a brain.  Most days that means we think very much alike and some days that means we’re two halves of one brain.  I like to think they mean more ying and yang since we’re a Democrat and a Republican and Jewish and  Catholic, as opposed to implying we’re each playing with half a deck! {although there are clearly times parenthood has rendered us both less a little less than stellar!} 😉

Our children are having great fun watching us and commenting on how alike we are, from the same purses to the same very specific set of headphones.

Or check out the phone covers we each ordered from over 6,500 miles apart from hundreds of different options:

So knowing we do this all the time, we decided to just plan on choosing birthday presents for each other together this year, but made each other promise not to wear it until we were together this summer.

It was really, really hard!

But now our Wonder Twin Rings are being worn together every day.

How fun are they?  I feel a little like we’re in junior high and planning our matching ensembles each day, except no acne or training bras!

While I’ll be so sad when we have to say our goodbyes, at least I’ll be able to look down and be reminded of the greatest girlfriend anyone could ever have, even if I am on the other side of the world from her!

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7 Responses to Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

  1. Suzy says:

    Everyone needs a BFF with whom to share a brain. Luckily mine’s only 20 minutes up the road!

  2. Debra says:

    Love the rings and the phone cases, can I ask where you got them? found you on pinterest!

  3. aww, now i’m all nostalgiac for my best friend i met in college. we called each other “mind twins” b/c we were so similar and in tune. isn’t that the best? LOVE your monogram rings! sometimes i crush on monograms so hard!

  4. Debra says:


  5. Nicole Moore says:

    I need to know where y’all got these rings! My fiance and I do the same things! I hope you married this girl! Please email me back!


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