What I Did on My Summer Vacation

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

By Alisha

This summer The Cuties and I played in the sun; each and every day for 42 days with the exception of only two rainy days.  Thank you ever so much Mother Nature!

We swam laps, we splashed on giant floats, we went down big slides, we built sand castles, and we body surfed until there was sand in places there should never be sand.  And the smiles never left our faces.

We had friends and family come visit us from far and wide, and we stayed up later than this very strict Mommy has ever before allowed.  There were sleepovers and late night movies {I want an oompa loompa!}, and good food and popsicles of the most creative varieties eaten {Banana Cream Pie, complete with Nilla Wafers, Thai Tea, Chocolate Sea Salt and more!}.

There was, of course, lots of Lilly!

But I am most proud of two things we accomplished on our summer vacation:

The first is that both Cuties rode bicycles all summer long.  You all understand what a challenge that is for Big Cutie, but she was fiercely determined.  By the time we went for our last ride to the Market for breakfast this morning I could barely keep up with my two speed racers!

The second thing of which I’m most proud?

After six weeks and more than two dozens bottles of sunscreen…

Not a sunburn to be seen!

Farewell Happy Place ~ Hope to see you next year!

{and if you’re a golf fan, you can check out just how beautiful Kiawah Island is next week at the PGA Championship, which is being held on the Ocean Course}.

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5 Responses to What I Did on My Summer Vacation

  1. Lisa says:

    Sounds perfectly awesome!!!

  2. Laura says:

    A+ 🙂 the joy you have about your summer certainly exudes off the page. Yay for making a whole summer of great memories!

  3. Emily says:

    Jealous! 🙂 Your girls are the most awesome of sisters!! Glad you all had such an amazing summer, and one with no sunburns, to boot!!

  4. Kat says:

    I have now bookmarked your lovely island in my “places to vacation some day” folder. As for the bikes, did they come with the house or did you rent them for your stay? I can’t imagine you brought bikes from Japan so inquiring (ok nosy) minds must know! I am impressed with your videotaping while biking skills.

  5. feltsocute says:

    We rented them from Kiawah – if you call ahead, they will be waiting outside your house for you, along with helmets {and baskets, trailers or baby seats, if you’d like!}

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