My Most Favorite Thing

I have waited all summer for this week.

Do you know what it is?

It’s New Agenda Week!

{While Hallmark seems to have created a holiday for almost everything they haven’t for this yet – so patent pending!}  As a Mom, I find it’s much better to use a calendar that functions on the school year than the calendar year.  When I didn’t, I often ended up having about a month where I carried around two agendas, and that was just a recipe for disaster.

Over the years, I’ve tried to go paperless, attempting a Palm Pilot and Google Calendar and everything in between.  It’s simply not how my brain works.  I prefer a week at a glance, I like to have The Cuties’ activities and information written near mine – but separate – and I find the physical act of writing things down helps me remember.

I admit it: I’m old-fashioned.

So I broke the seal and cracked the spine on my sixth Mom Agenda this week.

{the color is slightly off in this photograph – it is really a beautiful plum!}

For years, I tried every different calendar/agenda system, but this one truly fits my life best and I’m a convert.  You can read about how I use mine here and also how I use their Kitchen Portfolio as well.

As I’m setting myself up for a new school year, I also ordered new pockets for the inside of my Mom Agenda, as well as a To Do list pad.  I really like how it divides out my lists into phone calls, errands, etc.

I treated myself to a few other goodies as well, including some calendar stickers from Lilly Pulitzer and I think the gray elastic band from the Martha Stewart line at Staples will compliment the plum nicely!

Big Cutie asked me to teach her how to be better organized this year, so I bought her this smaller agenda in the adorable bright orange, so we’ll share all the fun stickers and things.  I thought it was the perfect size for her to learn to write down her homework and activities on each day.  She’ll be in fifth grade this year and we can practice being on top of everything now before she moves to Middle School next year and things get more complicated.

Finally, these are my absolute favorite pens since moving to Japan.  They are completely erasable {unlike the ones that existed back when I was in high school}, and come in very fine points, which I prefer.  I also love that the colors are deep and don’t “skip,” unlike other erasable pens.  While you can buy them everywhere and anywhere in Tokyo ~ they often come a la carte in dozens of colors and thicknesses ~ Frixion is owned by Pilot so you can buy the basic colors at office supply stores or on Amazon in the States.

I love seeing how my Agendas start as a completely blank book in the beginning and end the year, filled with colorful memories, adventures, meals and some boring old appointments thrown in there too!

Wishing you a terrific {organized!} school year.

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3 Responses to My Most Favorite Thing

  1. i love planners! i need one for my job, and it is like my bible. it goes with me everywhere, and holds all my meetings and presentations in one large calendar view, which i like very much. those pens sound so great, to color code each person, etc, and then erase without smudges!

  2. Sasha says:

    This year I un-electronified (I just made up that word!) my calendar too and went to an Erin Condren planner. I may do a Mom Agenda next… they are SO pretty! One note at the Frixion pens (my son used them in school when he was having such vision troubles he couldn’t see pencil)- the ink can disappear in heat… so if you happen to live where it gets to be over 100 in the summer like we do, and leave your agenda in the car, your notes could fade. (You may already know this, but it’s heat that makes the ink disappear.)

  3. Tokyo Jinja says:

    I am surprised it has taken you this long to write about that agenda! You have me seriously considering one. See you soon!

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