It’s Baaaack!

When I wrote this post about packing my carry-on for long flights, so many of you wrote in to ask me about my orange tote bag.

At the time, it was out of stock at LL Bean, but it’s back!

{Unfortunately, they have raised the price a bit to $79, but it’s still a terrific bag}

I have schlepped this thing all over the place and still love it as much as I did when I first purchased it!  It holds a ton {mine currently has a laptop, an iPad, a zippered pouch filled with assorted nonsense, a wallet, 2 pairs of glasses, cords, a file of papers, a water bottle, socks, a scarf, passports, a sweater and has room to spare!}.

Last week, The Cuties and I arrived at the airport to find no sky caps in sight, and so I quickly converted my tote to a backpack and loaded our bags onto luggage carts for the three of us to do it ourselves.

And then when we arrived at the hotel, there was no bellman in sight {clearly, this was not our lucky day, LOL}, so this is what I had to do as well!

{That was 10:00 at night after almost twelve hours of travel ~ weren’t The Cuties being good sports!}

When I bought my Expedition Tote, it was only available in Canyon Orange, and I really have enjoyed that.  However, I think the Carbon is super-smart, so one of you should buy that one, OK?! 🙂

Not that the good folks at LL Bean are paying me, but I’m a happy customer, so I’ll officially remind you they always have free shipping and if you have an LL Bean Visa you get free monogramming as well {don’t think I haven’t put that to good use!}

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9 Responses to It’s Baaaack!

  1. Pam says:

    Love it!i’m definitely getting one,in graphite!

  2. Kelly S says:

    I stalked and stalked and got this in orange back around the time you posted about it. I LOVE it! I use it primarily as my travel bag as well. I’m so glad it’s back for others that want it!!

  3. Allison says:

    Hi, I love the bag but the reviews say it is too big to work as a carry on. But you use yours as a carry on, right? do you think they were over packing it?

  4. gena says:

    I cannot believe you travel all around the world ALONE with the girls! You are one brave lady!!!!!
    Safe trip home…

  5. feltsocute says:

    I don’t know why someone would say that (I saw that review, too). It fits in the overhead compartment with plenty of room to spare, and definitely fits under the seat with everything I’ve listed in both posts inside of it.

  6. Brandi says:

    I noticed the other night they were back in stock. I am so ordering the Mariner Blue, I love it!

  7. Kat says:

    I just bought two of these for my upcoming international trip! (One for husband and one for me) so excited to get them! I think it’s going to make our trip through international airports with a 3 year old much easier to bear

  8. Rachel says:

    Hi! I just bought this bag in Dusty Olive (I preferred the blue or black, but they aren’t available until September and I’m leaving on a trip next week). I’m traveling with my 9 year old who will carry her own stuff in a rolling backpack and my very high maintenance/high energy 2 year old son. I love how spacious the bag is, the front and side pockets are great, and the backpack/tote feature is essential, but I do wish there were small internal pockets for organization (I remedy this with pouches). However, the backpack straps are way too big for me, even adjusted at the smallest setting. I can’t figure out how to remedy this problem or figure out what to do with the really long extra strap tails hanging down. Any suggestions? Thanks for the review on the bag!

  9. feltsocute says:

    I adjusted mine as short as they can go and then cut the straps {I agree they hang ridiculously long} and ran a lighter over the ends quickly to seal them and prevent fraying. They’re still a big long, but I honestly don’t wear them that way too often, so it’s not that big of a deal to me as it’s a perfect shoulder bag.

    I also use all sorts of small bags inside, which I actually prefer, since most of my flights are very long – this way I can organize my pouches by what I need and take them out for my airplane seat pocket or just grab the one I need for the restroom at the end of the flight to brush teeth, put in contacts, etc.

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