And They’re Off!

I officially have a Fifth Grader and a Third Grader today!

We met their teachers on Friday, saw their classrooms and found out their class lists.

We are ready to go.

Which in Tokyo, when you ride the bus an hour each way to school, means you are ready to go at 6:50 am.  Yikes!  Thankfully returning to Japan from America meant that everyone was waking up early and we never slipped back into our summer habits of late mornings so it wasn’t too painful today.

And yes, since it’s still in the 90s this week, it was a Lilly kind of day, even in Asia!  We commemorated the day with the little Organic Bloom frame I snuck into my suitcase.

Their brand new back packs were loaded up with fresh school supplies {I don’t normally buy new back packs every year, but we found that all our travel seemed to abuse them a bit more than usual}.

And inside were packed lunches for the first day, complete with notes from Mom.  I hang my head in shame at the awesomeness that are true Japanese bentos and love to browse the many supplies available here.  I’m sad we didn’t live in Japan while the girls were preschoolers and would have enjoyed a lot more “cute” in their lunches.

{lox & cream cheese roll ups, bell peppers with salad dressing dip in the heart containers, honey-dew melon and each girl has their favorite snack treat plus some dried pineapples}

All packed up in a lunch box with a bus snack ~ remember that extra-long bus ride~ and a water bottle {Thanks for the snack packs, Cute Auntie H!}.

And they were off!

And me?

Well my gym clothes are already on, and I’m off to my girlfriend’s for tea.  It’s been great to be so carefree this summer, but I can’t wait to get back into a routine!

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4 Responses to And They’re Off!

  1. Ammy says:

    Happty first day of school! Everyone – and the lunches – look terrific! Love Ammy

  2. valeriesabo says:

    I’m loving Big Cutie’s shoes–you can tell she is taking full advantage of being brace-less!

  3. Laura says:

    Hope they are both off to a great start! Those backpacks look huge – I hope they were able to unload and leave most of the supplies at school. The bus looks huge, too – like a city bus, that would seem mammoth to my littles. We live in the country and a one-hour busride is standard here, too – though most families could drive direct to school in less than 10 minutes (we homeschool so no bus rides for us). Thoughtful of you to pack a snack for the ride home!

  4. Vynuss says:

    Awww I love the frames and the Lilly wear!!! Happy 1st day at school!! 🙂

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