Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

We finally made it to our first Japanese baseball game tonight.

Beer Girls, a cheer for every player, fireworks and yummy food.  How could it not be all sorts of awesome!

We often see the lights and fireworks of Meiji Jingu Stadium from our apartment balcony, so we were excited to attend a Yakult Swallows game tonight with a group of friends.  Believe it or not, attending a Japanese professional baseball game is one of the very few things that is more reasonable than in America, and runs about $23 per ticket for really good seats!  I believe that qualifies as a genuine bargain, folks!

Now its Japan, and you know I love the signs here, so of course I had to snap a photo upon entering.  This was quite the list of warnings, don’t you think!

Each player on the team has their own special cheer that the fans do.  They involve arm movements, clapping and more.  Some are in English and some in Japanese and it’s all very entertaining!

Sometimes the cheerleaders come out….

But even better, in my opinion are the Beer Boys and Girls.  They walk around carrying mini-kegs on their back and fill your cup fresh from the tap right on site!

Or if beer isn’t your beverage of choice, you literally had a Bar Boy walking around with Chu-Hi and mixing cocktails on the spot, including Johnny Walker Black Label! {Cute BFF, is this calling your name, or what?!}

{did you catch The Husband’s silly face he’s making as I’m snapping pictures of everything?}

The food, of course, at a Japanese baseball game is more than just hot dogs and hamburgers.  I had incredible chicken on a stick and gyoza and egg rolls.  But you also could have had your pick of ramen, served to you in a to-go bowl and brought it right back up to the stadium!
All this talk of food and drink, but I swear I paid some attention to the game!

I definitely caught the brief fireworks show {which was much better at the stadium than it is from the far corner of my balcony!}.

And the traditional Yakult Swallows “umbrella cheer” when a run is scored and they are implying the other team is “washed up” or needs to “head to the showers.”  We were prepared and all brought our umbrellas!
And as a big crowd of Americans, it merited us time on the Jumbotron!

Can you spy me looking dorky taking a picture while having my picture taken? 😉

It was such a fun night and I’m so glad I got to gab with my girlfriends all night while the kids all sat together and the Dads visited, too.

We made The Cuties leave before the game was over since it was a school night, and all, but managed to walk past one of the mascots on the way out the door.

Helped us out tremendously, so a big arigato gozaimasu to Entaro!

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One Response to Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

  1. Shelli says:

    Looks lke everyone had fun!

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