Technology Tickets

Now that school has started and we are back in a routine, I wanted to create some sort of system so The Cuties could help in the management of their technology use.

I’d seen several different variations of this concept over the years from a variety of sources, and knew that I wanted something rather compact since we are currently apartment-dwellers and space is always at a premium.

I first started with the “tickets.”  My original plan was to use basic card stock, but I came across some over-sized Glidden paint samples I had from my local Wal-Mart back when they were closing their paint department.  They were a great size {3″x5″}, nice and thick, and such pretty colors that it seemed silly to try to use anything else {plus I’d had them for almost 2 years without thinking of any other purpose, so this seemed their calling!}.

I pulled 8 cards in different shades of each of The Cuties’ favorite colors and added labels that said, “Good for 1/2 Hour of Electronics for Little Cutie” {or Big Cutie}.

Because I’m a Mom, and I know things in our house seems to randomly get sticky without rhyme or reason, I ran all the cards through my laminator to help them last longer.

And here’s what the finished Tickets look like.

We decided The Cuties could have up to one hour of Technology time {music, computer, television, etc.} per day, after their homework is finished.  The weekends are considered “free time” since we’re never sure if we’re off exploring or home having a lazy day, filled with movies and Wii, and our girls have a history of not abusing their technology use.

The cards live in this small container on the sofa end table, next to our remotes bin.  They are responsible for “flipping” their own cards.

And this is the most interesting thing of all….it turns out The Cuties are apparently Technology Ticket “hoarders.”  In an attempt to always guarantee they have enough tickets left to last them through the week, they are overly cautious in their use, and end up having leftover cards aplenty.

{And tickets would be, of course, fair game to be removed from the “free” bin as a consequence for misbehavior.  Not that that ever happens in the Felt So Cute household or anything}.

Can you hear my evil genius Mommy laughter from where you’re sitting? 🙂

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6 Responses to Technology Tickets

  1. Tokyo Jinja says:

    Evil cackle heard loud and clear!

  2. Sasha says:

    What a GREAT idea!

  3. shelli says:

    Great idea!

  4. lee says:

    my thoughts:
    1) Yet ANOTHER genius idea from you! Thank you–we’ve been struggling with this issue
    2) impressive you brought paint samples with you to Tokyo AND were able to find them
    3) Should we feel pity or shame for those families who DON’T own their own laminator??
    note: I’m waiting for one of the presidential candidates to promise “a laminator in every house!” and that’ll be who I vote for 🙂
    Seriously though, this is awesome

  5. Vynuss says:

    What a great idea! I love the use of the paint chips!!! I have a whole bunch too that i just can’t figure out what to do with them, but didn’t want to throw them out. 🙂

  6. Ashley says:

    Awesome idea! I’m gonna use it with our littles!

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