What a Stitch!

Years ago I made each of The Cuties and myself a needlepoint belt.

Much time has passed and I’m both sad and happy to report that both of theirs are too small and mine is too big.  And I never got around to making one for my husband at all.  So clearly it’s time to bust out the needle and thread again.

However, before I embarked on projects of this magnitude, I thought it might be best to try something a wee bit smaller to make sure I still enjoyed needlepoint, before I invested the time and money required to create belts for four people from start to finish.

After many late night Google searches, I found the perfect project to reboot my hobby: Stina Stitches on Etsy.  Specializing in key fobs, Stina Stitches sells complete kits, that include the painted canvas, pre-cut threads, directions, finishing canvas, hardware and even a needle.  Even better, they are very reasonably priced at just $14.50 per kit.  I especially loved the selection of great preppy designs from which to choose!

After much debate amongst me and The Cuties, I settled on this cute little guy:

{image from Stina Stitches}

And here’s what arrived in my mail box.

Absolutely the perfect size to slip in my purse and carry around with me to work on whenever I had a few minutes.

I was able to whip this much up sitting and chatting with friends yesterday afternoon while our kids swam after school.

And tonight I watched a movie with The Cuties {no classes for them tomorrow!} before tucking them in and finished the rest.  That’s it ~ two nights, and I was done!

Then I followed the very well-written directions to finish my piece {this was especially important for me as someone living overseas, since I don’t have the luxury of running my work back into the local needlepoint shop and having them finish things for me!}.

I ironed the twill piece onto the back of my canvas ~ faithful readers will know how much it impressed me that a piece was included for finishing since I always include directions to finish off the backs of projects in my instructions here!

In the directions, there was an optional step to additionally sew around the edges after ironing, and I did do this {I know, I know, some of you are stunned I bothered to bust out my sewing machine, LOL!}.  I am particularly hard on things I can toss in the bottom of my purse, so I thought it was worth the extra few minutes to do this step.

Then, I added the foam padding provided to my own pliers and attached the key chain hardware onto the finished canvas.

Added my keys, and I’m ready to go {no car in Japan and only one key to my apartment, so not too much going on, LOL!}

He’s pink, he’s green, he’s got cute little expressive eyeballs.  He’s WAY cuter than the octopi we saw at Tsukiji Market, don’t you think?

Big Cutie is asking to try one, and I think she’s ready.  Now she just has to make a decision!  And as long as I’m placing another order, maybe I’ll make some more.  Cute Family Members….these may be coming your way someday soon!

As an FYI ~ do you know this great hint to getting keys on and off your key chain without ruining your manicure?  While you’re on Pinterest, think about following me!  While you’re thinking about following me anyway….see that button on the right hand side of my blog?  Sign up and follow Felt So Cute! {Thank You!}

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8 Responses to What a Stitch!

  1. feltsocute says:

    We’ll have to ask her to make one with blue porcelain!

  2. Misty says:

    Very cute! SunnyIvy From bhb 🙂

  3. Gretchen says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! I just ordered two kits to make for gifts! What really appeals to me is that it didn’t take you too long to make yours. It has been years since I did needlepoint – I hope my “old” eyes can see the canvas!

  4. mente says:

    I happened across http://www.barbarabergstendesigns.com/ and thought you might like it for other projects.

  5. Ashley says:

    Sooo adorable! How do you get around without a car?

  6. feltsocute says:

    We live in downtown Tokyo – we walk or take the extensive subway system and sometimes a taxi. Most people here don’t have cars.

  7. Ashley says:

    Thats awesome you live where you can get everywhere without a car. I would love that.

  8. amberinjp says:

    I love this!!! I want to order the kits! Thanks so much for posting about it! 😀

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