Just Keep Swimming

Both Cuties tried out for and subsequently made their school swim team this fall.  It has been a terrific season so far, and they are getting so much out of being a part of this kind of team, working on their strokes, trying to improve their individual times, and most importantly, having a really great time.  Me?  I’m loving watching them swim hard, cheer on their friends, be a little silly with their tight caps, and learning just how frizzy my hair can get after five straight hours on the pool deck.

This past weekend was their first multi-school meet.  Their official team caps and warm up suits arrived in the nick of time and so we were ready to hop on the bus bright and early at 7:00 on Saturday morning to head out to school.

And after watching the swimmers at the Olympics this summer with their painted nails, we decided we also needed some spirited fingers for the big day.  A friend came over after school, and we set up a little salon at the table, and moved around and around until everyone was complete!

One of my favorite things about The Cuties’ school is that it goes from K-12, and so my girls have Kindergarten buddies they get to proudly help out, as well as middle and high school students that are mentors.  On the swim team, there are Varsity swimmers that serve as Lane Coaches as this is their off-season.  The Cuties really like their Coaches, and get very excited to see their names around campus or on the record plaques surrounding the pool.

Little Cutie’s first event was backstroke.  She actually won her heat, which was really exciting, especially because she’d never even done backstroke before last year, so she’s really come a long way.

Can you see her little fist pump as she checks the scoreboard?

I volunteer at the ribbons table and so even though I wasn’t actually assigned to heat ribbons I got to run over and award her this and give her a big wet hug.  Woo Hoo!

And Big Cutie.  Well oh my word.  For starters, strep throat is going around school and so a lot of the older girls were sick for the meet and she was asked to fill in for some events.  That meant she had to swim five events.  Yup, you read that right.

Here she is swimming freestyle.  Check out that right arm lifting nice and clear up and out of the water.  Hemiparesis, my butt!  I sure get why her doctors love the idea of all this swimming, don’t you!

And in just one short month she has progressed from a jump/belly flop off the blocks to this.  I’m blown away.  I’m pretty sure my shriek of excitement from the ribbon table was heard on the public address system throughout the pool since the announcer was standing in front of me.

I will share with you that I completely and totally lost it when Big Cutie swam her first 50m.  I teared up a little bit and thought I’d be able to pull it together and took one look at my husband and had to leave the pool, where I ran into my girlfriend L and wept big fat, ugly tears in her arms.  I was so overwhelmed watching Big Cutie do what I was once quite certain would be impossible ~ and then hop out of the pool with a huge grin and go get ready to do it all over again.  I am one grateful Mama, to say the least.  And my poor hubby who was sitting with L’s husband, who had no idea about things like strokes or Cerebral Palsy, and probably thought I was a completely overwrought wackadoodle, so they had a quick little chat, LOL.

Just keep swimming indeed my little Nemo girlie.

{P.S.  I’m proud of both of my girls for earning New Personal Records in this meet!}


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8 Responses to Just Keep Swimming

  1. Cute Grammy says:

    Grammy and Poppy are so proud of both swimmers!!!!! WOW and WOW and double WOW! Plus love the warm up suits….you both look perfect!

  2. Sasha says:

    Wow! Go Cuties!

  3. Shelli says:

    Congrats from Auntie and Uncie. I also teared up when I read this

  4. Sarah says:

    Fellow swim mom who has followed you for a while. Glad to see another mom enjoying the effects for their kids with swimming. Way to Go Cuties! Dive, Swim, Win! Way to go on new personal bests.

  5. Claire says:

    Had to say I teared up when I read your last paragraph. I am so proud of your girls and sending hugs across the ocean!

  6. feltsocute says:

    Hello stranger! We miss you and your wonderful family tons!!!

  7. Aunt Pam says:

    Major tears. So incredible. Miss you all…and I, too, am sending hugs!

  8. melissa says:

    So wonderful!!! My eyes are lined with tears, I’m so happy for how far that big cutie has come!! And when in the world did she get so big anyway? She’s always dolled up, about three feet tall, with big bows and girlified leg braces in my mind’s eye. *sniffle.

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