Embellishing Store-Bought Halloween Costumes

It was with great sadness that I’ve come to terms with not making The Cuties’ Halloween costumes this year {read more about that here}.

However, I will not go gentle into that good night!

So they have each enthusiastically agreed to allow me to embellish our store-bought costumes with a little crafting magic.

Big Cutie is going to be bag of original flavored M & Ms, so I made her this headband to accessorize her look ~

This was a fast and easy project that only took hot gluing the candy to a basic headband.  We saw lots of different candy-themed Halloween costumes, so this would apply to many costumes: Skittles, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, etc!

Little Cutie’s obsession with Greek gods continues, and so she is going as Aphrodite this year.  But I thought she also needed a little hair piece, and  since she read about the original Olympic games this summer, it had to be a laurel wreath!

This project involved twisting some floral wire into a basic circle shape {I first twisted two pieces together to make mine a little sturdier since what I had on hand was slightly flimsy}.  I then took some clearance fabric leaves from Michael’s we tossed in the suitcase this summer and wrapped them around the circle form.  At each end, I used small pieces of fine gauge wire to secure them properly for 8-year-old Halloween party hijinks!

A good compromise, don’t you think?

Now stay tuned to see what I made for my husband and me for the costume party we have this weekend.  The Cuties are already negotiating over who gets to wear mine next year.  Clearly my plan to convert them back to homemade costumes is working!

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