Rock the Vote

Growing up in Washington, DC, electing a new President was a really big deal.   I’ve been attending Election Night Returns Party since I was about four years old, falling asleep on the sofa, occasionally lifting my head to ask “did someone win yet?”

So I was actually pretty excited at prospect of watching election returns in the daylight hours from Tokyo, and of course had to throw a Brunch for my girlfriends after we sent the kiddos off to school.

I moved my dining room table up against the far wall for the potluck brunch so we could use all the chairs for our television viewing.  That left a very blank wall above the table, so we needed some sort of back drop.  I made some quick and easy card stock medallions with The Cuties, by folding paper fans, snipping my ends and some hidden staples.  I added in some paper punch centers out of leftover papers, and we were good to go!

{runner from Pottery Barn, and loaned from Cute BFF!}

Flowers are both exceptionally seasonal and expensive in Japan, so there were no red, white and blue bouquets to be found nearby.  I improvised with a glass vase, red and blue M&Ms and some American flags.  Little Cutie has been dying to dig in!

One of my favorite things on the buffet were the animal crackers.  The other night I started with an enormous container of assorted cookies, and carefully picked out all the donkeys and elephants {after washing my hands, I promise!}.  I then dipped them in chocolate and added red, white and blue nonpareils while still gooey.

No party is complete without a bar set up.  In addition to coffee, tea, water and soda, we had mimosas out for celebrating/drowning your sorrows.  I found these adorable straws at our local grocery store in their party section and ordered these donkey and elephant stirrers from this Etsy shop.  I love them so much I think I need animal-topped stirrers year ’round, don’t you?

{Can you spy how I put some leftover washi tape to good use after the big washi tape birthday extravaganza?}

But the most important thing I did to get ready for my Election Party?

That only took a few minutes.

But I missed the whole “go into the booth and pull my lever and get my sticker” part of voting in person, so I made these up for all of us wear today.

And in case I wasn’t pleased enough by the day’s events, Little Cutie arrived home just in the nick of time to sit with me and listen to the President’s acceptance speech.  And every now and then stopped to share with me exactly what she’d do if she were President.  I love hearing my kid’s view of the world, and right and wrong.

Little Cutie totally gets my vote in 2040!

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6 Responses to Rock the Vote

  1. Lnelson says:

    Such a great way to enjoy your talent (dare I say genius?) and watch the returns today! Thanks for your wonderful hospitality and always inspirational creativity!

  2. George says:

    Looks great! And the animal stirrers – yes definitely an all year round feature!

  3. msumissa says:

    What a fantastic tribute to America you held! Wonderful to see it very non partisan and festive! Glad you were able to vote and participate in the election. F

  4. Tokyo Jinja says:

    Wish I could have been there all day – so sorry to have left early and not been able to bask in the victory glow with you!

  5. Olivia says:

    I’m SO GLAD the stirrers got there in time & they look fantastic! Thanks for the order & for your awesome-ly kind words!

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