I Almost Didn’t Come Back

You haven’t heard from me for a while because we went away on vacation to Bali, Indonesia.  I seriously considered not coming back.  It’s just that lovely there.  But the whole work, school and not enough clean underwear thing, convinced me to go ahead and get on the plane.

Wouldn’t you be a bit grouchy about leaving this view?

Even better, we managed to snag one of these every day, and scooted the pillows into the middle so half of us could lounge facing the Indian ocean and the other half could face the pool.  As a result I believe at last count there were at least a dozen books read amongst us!

Several nights, we were entertained with different styles of Balinese dancers.  The Cuties liked that we received handouts explaining the story behind the traditional dances and seeing if they could find the message in the actual dance.  But the hair and costumes were of course the best part!

Dancing was such a hit that they decided to take a little lesson; especially when there was a full dress up opportunity available!









I think they look like they were having just a wee bit of fun, don’t you?








We stayed in Nusa Dua, but spent all day one day in the town of Ubud touring temples and art galleries and seeing the sites and eating local food.

The carvings at the local temple we stopped at were absolutely amazing.  Stonework and wood carvings are truly an elevated handicraft in Indonesia, and we stopped and watched any time we happened upon a craftsman at work.


{do you see the turtle shape above?}

Can you imagine how long it took artisans to carve all of this by hand?

After we ate a traditional Balinese lunch we stopped to visit the rice terraces.  {FYI – despite a usually tender Crohn’s Disease tummy, I rocked the Balinese spicy food all week long without a single problem.  Yummy, yum, yum!}  The terraces were so unbelievably cool and The Cuties played a little game of “I Spy” finding people actually working the fields.

The Balinese people were so kind and gracious everywhere we went.  I really hope to go back some day.  Maybe even with only my husband next time! 😉

So now, while I’m sitting in my way too chilly Tokyo apartment, bundled up in yoga pants and a big scarf, wondering what the heck I’m going to make for dinner tonight, I’m going to pretend I’m there instead, with a waiter coming around asking me for my order and bringing me a cocktail.

And in case Bali wasn’t fabulous enough?

They had Diet Coke!  Swoon.

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5 Responses to I Almost Didn’t Come Back

  1. amberinjp says:

    いな〜!So jealous!! 🙂 I’ve been trying to plot a trip to Bali or Thailand or somewhere more tropical over Christmas but the flights are insane then!!! 😦

  2. Julie says:

    What an amazing place and what lovely experiences you are giving your girls.

  3. Shelli says:

    glad you all had a great time. bali looks like an incredible place.

  4. glamcookie says:

    I continue to be completely jealous of your entire life! Looks like a fabulous trip.

  5. lakshmilovestoshop says:

    Bali is SO divine…

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