Winterfest Hodgepodge

This past weekend was our school Winterfest.  It was one of those absolutely beautiful late fall/early winter days that was crisp and sunny and just delightful on which to be outside.  Especially in contrast to last year, which fell on one of the rainiest, coldest, nastiest days of the year.  I imagine the chairs woke up and did the Dance of Joy.

The highlight of the day as parents was getting to see Big Cutie’s 5th grade Choir performance and Handbell Show.  I admit my expectations for the Choral performance were moderate, and boy was I wrong.  We were totally blown away!  This was serious singing, with four-part harmonies, and even some very adorable, well-coordinated choreography.



After the Choir concert, Big Cutie and several of her classmates stayed and performed a Handbell Concert.  This is an extracurricular activity offered by their music teacher every week after school since the beginning of the year.  They have learned to read music, make sound out of the bells, and perform, all in a few short months.  Not bad for eighteen children who had never before touched a bell!


Following the concerts, The Cuties ran around campus with their friends, playing games while us adults sampled all of the food.  One of the greatest pleasures of a community filled with Expats from around the world are their culinary delights, and so there were booths a-plenty and we did our best to be sure we could praise our friends’ hard work!

Our last big activity of the day was the Kimono Booth.  I’d seen several friends’ portraits from previous years and knew this was something we’d want to do during our time in Tokyo.  I went back and forth whether I’d include myself with The Cuties, and finally decided to go for it, figuring when else would I have the opportunity to have my hair and makeup done in the traditional style and be professional dressed in a real kimono.

Our group consensus was that it was awesome.

Here’s Little Cutie simultaneously getting her hair and makeup worked on


Big Cutie had more elaborate makeup as the traditional style for girls her age in formal portraits or on special dress up days is to wear red lipstick.  Very exciting stuff.


Here are the girls with finished hair and makeup waiting to be dressed~

And me?  Well, the poor girl working on my never-ending pounds of hair {the staff are all students at the largest Kimono College in Tokyo} worked very hard on my decidedly non-Japanese hair to get it to stay up in the traditional “mother” up do {of course, the reason I never ever wear  up dos is because of the arsenal of pins and spray it requires to hold my massive locks into place}.


Here’s our sneak peek {professional photos are sent to us}.

And these are the many students and teachers who all worked behind the scenes to get everyone ready.  Once again, I point out that I clearly need staff!


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10 Responses to Winterfest Hodgepodge

  1. shelli says:

    all 3 of you looked gorgeous!

  2. George says:

    Wow Okasan! Kimono really suits you! Love the cuties outfits too! Will we get to see the professional photos too? Pretty Please!

  3. amberinjp says:

    That is so cool!!!! I want to dress up! 😀 George is right – let’s see the final when you get it! I bet it’s beautiful!

  4. Aunt Pam says:

    Very, very cool. In a week, you can dress the traditional Chicago way…bundled up so no one recognizes you.

  5. feltsocute says:

    My black puffer jacket awaits!

  6. oh my gosh, you all look wonderful and did a great job. i love to hear those bell concerts!

  7. Such a great pic to have as a memory of Tokyo! Love it!

  8. Amma says:

    Love all the pictures you all are beautiful my son is a lucky man love to all

  9. condo blues says:

    How exciting! You look beautiful in Kimono! As Expats, I’m sure your cooking is influenced by your travels. Do you find it hard to think of something to bring when you are asked to make American food for a food fair, booth, etc? The last time I was asked to make American Food for an event, I was stumped since my family eats a lot of internaltional inspired food. I ended up bringing a green bean casserole – not the best representation of our country I’ll admit.

  10. feltsocute says:

    I tend to sign up to help at either the American Booth and end up flipping burgers on the grill or the Israeli booth and serving falafel, so it hasn’t been too hard. But we have completely embraced Asian foods and style of eating. Don buri bowls, tuna or salmon zuke, Korean bulgogi, etc. are all regular staples on our menus.

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