She Rocks

It happened again.

Time snuck up and my baby girl turned 9 years old this morning.

I’ve timed the posting of this to coincide with the actual anniversary of her birth back in America even though we celebrated here in Tokyo today.  She likes to say she gets two birthdays as a result of this whole Expat thing, but I think the family celebration starting with our usual Birthday Breakfast Cupcakes {AKA blueberry muffins with cream cheese ‘frosting’} and presents bright and early in the morning is probably more than enough.

Fun fact about The Cuties:  both of them have 7:44 am as their official time of birth since they were born via c-sections during 7:30 am surgeries.  My husband swears Little Cutie was born at a different time and I totally believe him; being that I was being gutted like a fish at the time and vomiting violently from the anesthesia.  I somehow missed looking at the clock and am willing to trust him on this one.  But since both Mom and Dad happened to have been born during early morning c-sections as well, all birthdays in the Felt So Cute household are celebrated early in the morning.

And as usual, I’ve digressed.

So my baby is a year older.

She told me yesterday it was a pretty awesome year.

I sure think so.

She learned to ski in Shigakogen.


She saw amazing snow sculptures in Sapporo


She had her nihon buyo {Japanese fan dancing} recital

She made a really big new friend

She was mobbed like a rock star for her long curly hair in Thailand


She tried sumo wrestling


She did a good deed


She learned to ride a bicycle by herself

She made the Swim Team

She danced in Bali

and she tried SCUBA diving in Cebu


An awesome year, indeed.

I think I want to be my children when I grow up someday!

Here’s to an amazing 9th year, my Little Cutie.

and more posts coming soon on her rockin’ birthday party!

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4 Responses to She Rocks

  1. Cute Grandma says:

    An awesome year for an awesome girl, and one we are so proud to call our granddaughter. In fact our whole family in Japan is awesome. Amma and Pappa J

  2. says:

    Happy Birthday, Little Cutie! I loved reading this post.

  3. george says:

    Happy Birthday Little Cutie! Great post Mom!

  4. Laurie says:

    I’m weeping at the awesomeness of her year and of her! Belated HBD, Little Cutie indeed!

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