Things I’ve Been Swooning Over

Or as the English Lit major in me knows better ~ Things Over Which I’ve Been Swooning!


Because we are moving next week I’ve been holding back on buying things lately but have big plans for the new place once we’re settled {stop rolling your eyes, dear husband of mine, it’s true, I’ve showed restraint, I promise!}.  Instead, I’ve settled for late night Internet browsing and have found all sorts of goodies I wanted to share.

I’m a List Maker and Note Taker {do you like how I capitalized those as if they were actually official titles?}, so I regularly purchase lined, blank journals and notebooks for this purpose.  In my humble opinion, one can never have enough.  Minted has many choices, but I especially love the preppy stripes on this one:


Because I’m limited in my ability to hang art in our Japanese rental apartment, I end up with a lot of blank, white walls.  I am, however, learning to get more creative with this problem, and so I found these precious prints at the Etsy shop 23 Madison Studio that are small enough to put in a lightweight frame and hang with small 3M hooks.  Isn’t this adorable for in my master bathroom or walk in closet?

23MadisonStudioWhile I’m all about practicality, there’s no reason things shouldn’t be cute whenever possible. So I’m pretty sure my purse needs one of these in case my iPhone dies on the go, don’t you?


It’s the Year of the Snake here in Japan, and I’ve been wanting to get something fun like I did last year for the Year of the Dragon.  Except, I kinda really hate snakes.  But look how adorable this Iomoi scarf is, and would be great as a pop of color on a cold day with black or navy or crisp against air conditioning in summer with bright white!


Finally, it took me a while to locate the source of these, as I’ve had them Pinned for a while with no link, but I did it!  Aren’t these the best Preppy-Girl pencils ever?  I still love to write in pencil, and really, these are pretty much all of my grown-up favorite things!


So what are you eyeing lately?  Please share with the rest of the class!

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12 Responses to Things I’ve Been Swooning Over

  1. george says:

    So very pleased you capitalized both “List Maker” & “Note Taker” makes me feel So much better. A friend kept one of my note books, naming it “The Museum of George”? Do you keep all your note books? Those “Cute” batteries and perfect especially for “Instagram” it’s a guzzler..
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. george says:
    share and share alike…. you may also enjoy these…

  3. feltsocute says:

    Oh George, darling ~ those are fabulous! You know I have quite the thing for elephants. I may have to get a few of those fun things!

  4. Carolyn says:

    I have been eyeing for some on the go organization with cute bags!

  5. feltsocute says:

    How great are those for the glove box of your car!

  6. amberinjp says:

    I agree – you can never have too many cute blank notebooks!!!

  7. amberinjp says:

    PS, Here are a couple things I would love to have:
    1. A super cute but super silly portrait of myself and my imaginary pet (i’m allergic to all furry critters)

    2. These letterpress stationary cards:

  8. feltsocute says:

    I ADORE letterpress. I’m on a mission for notecards with a cool turtle on them and room for my name or a monogram {preferable letterpress, but I’m open to all suggestions ~ what say you Dear Readers?}

  9. amberinjp says:

    There is a studio in Osaka that has workshops I’m dying to get in on sometime this year… If you know of any upcoming letterpress studio workshops in Tokyo, Nagoya, or Osaka this spring/summer, please do share!!
    I don’t know of any good turtle cards at the moment! Sorry!

  10. Sarah says:

    So cute I got a octopus with a top hat for St. Patrick’s Day last year. Love it!
    Totally obsessed with Octopus!

  11. Lately I’ve been eyeing everything Cath Kidston. I wrote about her new print on my blog this past week.

  12. I’ve been swooning over everything Cath Kidston and Retro prints. I wrote about her newest print here:

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