We Rocked

Little Cutie had her 9th birthday party this past weekend.

In a bar.

Yeah, I’ve become that Mom.

OK, in all fairness it was a Karaoke Bar, and they regularly rent the place out for children’s birthday parties on the weekends, but still, in the end, my child had her birthday party in a bar.  Even better, my parents were in town for the big event, so her grandparents were in a bar with their granddaughters at a birthday party.

And it was awesome.

I found these great invitations at Polka Dot Designs that I could completely customize online right down to the font and placement on the card.


There was much thought, of course, put into wardrobe selection for the big event, and Little Cutie opted to wear this fun ensemble from Chasing Fireflies with a sequined skirt from J.Crew’s Factory Store.  Big Cutie wore one of the fabulous petticoat skirts from our Heather Golde photo shoot close to two years ago ~ love recycling!


You’re dying to know what the adults wore, right?  I had grand plans for custom shirts, but alas the whole moving the week of the party while recovering from some sort of plague put a damper on that, and I reverted to the all black I wear about 99.999% of the winter.  So disappointing. My husband, busted out his classic Will Ferrell cowbell t-shirt, which was meaningless to the children, but amusing to us.

Little Cutie’s friends are still split fairly evenly between girls and boys so this was a great co-ed party.  However, the first hour was spent mostly like this:



And then we fed them and they were willing to get on stage at least at the same time…


And then I learned that if 3rd graders know cupcakes are imminent they don’t care one iota who they are standing singing next to, and hop on stage to sing to the Birthday Girl!


The Birthday Girl and her Groupie thoroughly enjoyed a stage filled with admirers.


We blinged up an ordinary grocery store numeral candle with some rhinestones and a glue gun {I’ve seen the idea on Etsy and Pinterest, but can’t find an original source to link you ~ my apologies}


The kids were absolutely adorable and sang non-stop the whole two hours.  I especially loved how many of the other girls showed up decked out for the stage.  Little Cutie was very pleased with the evening’s event.

I did want to share with you our lovely Karaoke Host {he’s holding a Flat Stanley we were sent from the States that we brought with us everywhere all weekend}.  One of the Moms at the party commented that she had been coming to this particular Karaoke bar for almost two decades and laughed that it was still around.  My husband and I  were laughing that the equipment behind him must be the original equipment he started using back when she was in college!  I imagine if you opened a Karaoke bar new today, you’d run the whole thing from a single laptop!


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3 Responses to We Rocked

  1. Ammy and Poppy says:

    And what a great party it was!!!! Ammy and Poppy were thrilled to be there! Rock on!

  2. Tokyo Jinja says:

    I spy my little cutie – she had the best time!

  3. shelli says:

    Looks like everyone had fun.

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