Occasionally I Come Out of My Closet

I’m almost unpacked in the new apartment and getting myself organized.

There were a few features to this place that really “sold us” on the concept of moving.  The Master Bedroom Closet was tops on my list.

{I will continue to remind those of us in the Felt So Cute household of these things on a semi-regular basis as this was a more hassle-filled move than they tend to go in Tokyo. Our packing and moving days happened to coincide with the biggest snowstorm the city had seen in years, The Cuties were sent home from school early but their bus took 5 hours to actually make it home, and then they had a snow day on our actual move day instead of a full day of school and extra-curricular activities.  Not quite the seamless adventure I had planned.  On top of it all I caught some sort of plague that required me to walk back and forth between the two apartments with boxes of tissues practically strapped to my shoulders as epaulets.}

But it’s a lovely closet, and makes me smile.  A lot.

And now that there’s not a sniffle in sight, we can all laugh about it.

Here’s my side, in perfect rainbow order, just the way my anal-retentive self loves it.  {My husband’s side is the mirror image, but of course he’s content with shirts, suits and pants co-mingling willy nilly.  Anarchy, I tell you!}


And back the other way.  I added the largest 3M hook to the back of the door for our dry cleaning bag.  The frame above the door is a silly poem my husband wrote me for our first  dating anniversary almost twenty years ago that has hung in every closet we’ve ever lived in, now spanning two continents and four states!


The clear boxes on the floor are my shoes.  I discovered this idea from my fabulous college friend Murphy, oh so many years ago {the most beautiful female Murphy you’ll ever meet!} and have been doing it for years.  I use a label maker to put the description of the shoes on the outside, and the boxes keep them clean and dust-free.  Plus it’s easy to stack quite a lot of them.

{And check out the outlet in the closet!  Isn’t that a terrific idea?  We often use that as additional charging space overnight when our night stands are full up!}


But my very favorite things in this closet are the built-ins between the two hanging rods.  I’ve slipped my purses on the shelves with the ones I use the most on the lower shelf and my costume jewelry is organized in bins as well.  The top drawer holds all my scarves and the lower drawers have things like socks and tights.


So here’s the only downside to this much accessibility and organization:

Big Cutie, my budding fashionista, has discovered just how easy it is to walk in and find exactly which scarf or bracelet she’d like to request to borrow in the mornings….the days of my dressing her are clearly long gone!

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3 Responses to Occasionally I Come Out of My Closet

  1. karen0221 says:

    Love it … I think you need to come over to help give me some serious closet therapy. I too am anal retentive about closets but my obsession includes matching hangars ….

  2. I remember when we were house hunting that one house I loved had a closet system in one of the bedrooms. I wanted the house just for that. I was teaching at the time and worried about the elem school next door. The batting cage was right next to us and that was a big Oh no!!! to me. We found our house in a better neighborhood for the same price. Closets are easy to fix but neighborhoods and noise aren’t. Thanks for sharing your beautiful closet. 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    When is the tour of the new place?

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