Big Cutie’s Room

There are no hidden cameras in my apartment.

I know this for a fact, because if there were, the footage of me repeatedly falling off the bed while attempting to re-hang the  Chihuly-esque collage in Big Cutie’s ceiling would have gone viral by now, and you’d be wiping away tears of laughter.

At me, not with me.

I felt like I was in a Three Stooges movie.  Climb up ladder.  Hang lantern.  Fall off ladder onto bed.  Have lantern fall on head.  Climb up ladder to re-hang lantern.  Fall off ladder again.  And repeat.  At some point you would think I might have realized my slippers were the issue.  Not so much, apparently.


In the end, they look good, Big Cutie is happy and no concussions were incurred.  Really, as a Mom, that’s all I’m hoping for at the end of each and every day.

We’re now going on about Year Seven with these monogrammed pillows, which is pretty impressive, if you ask me!  The boudoir-sized one came from L & M Monogramming when we lived in Charlotte {great inventory and terrific customer service ~ I highly recommend them!} and the bolster is from Pottery Barn Kids.  The two-tone bird pillow and bedding were last-minute purchases from Target when we packed to move to Japan and realized Big Cutie’s double bed would not fit, and we needed to find twin bedding that could work with all her lavender accessories from her old room.  Not bad, right?


We moved the ragamuffin garland she and I made together from The Nester above her bed {another safe decor item in an earthquake-prone country!}, and she organized a bulletin board of photos and mementos from the year for over her desk.


My favorite new find for the room are the bejeweled curtain tie-backs I found at Franc Franc, here in Tokyo.  Big Cutie pointed out the little smiley faces in the hardware to me. Do you spy them?


This weekend I hope to finish Little Cutie’s room.  Thankfully it requires no acrobatics, although if you follow me on Facebook, you may have read about my wish to hang a disco ball from the center of her ceiling.  Since I can’t screw a cup hook into a stud here in Japan and it’s too heavy for a 3M hook, I’m hoping for suggestions.  If there ever was a child who truly needed a sparkly disco ball hanging from her bedroom, its Little Cutie.

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3 Responses to Big Cutie’s Room

  1. Tracee says:

    I got a “fancy” Chandlier off of Zulily that is 3D and is a tad studier than chipboard. It doesn’t even weigh a pound. I got it as a joke for the hubs because he refused to have our big fancy one I bought for our room, installed by professionals. That was about 4 years ago. I am a patient wife! Anywho…turns out they are really cute and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and some are tricked out with lots of fake jewels.

  2. Why don’t you make a fake disco ball, kind of like a pinata. Then you could stuff it with tissue or newspaper (or paper mache?) then you could up sequins or foil pieces or something like that.

  3. Hayley says:

    love those curtain tie backs!

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