A Place to Play!

I’ve always thought the most important thing in a living space isn’t the amount of your square footage, but rather the right space for your lifestyle.

That being said, our previous Japan apartment was spacious, but lacked an important feature for a family with two girls: a place to play.  In fact, this photo highlights the issue clearly ~ the only place The Cuties could spread out with legos, dolls or board games is behind the sofa, which just happens to be the first thing you saw when you walked into our apartment.  As a result, it wasn’t terribly conducive to three-day Monopoly tournaments or building a city out of construction paper for Squinkies.


In the new apartment we have a designated PLAYROOM!  I’m not sure who is more excited, me or The Cuties!  Our “futon” now lives there as a sofa to hang out on {I put futon in quotation marks since it’s an IKEA futon and not a true Japanese one}.


We moved a television in there and hooked up the Wii and a DVD player.  We also hung the felt Nerf target I made in a place where kids can have fun, but it’s no longer hanging in my hallway where everyone who enters can see it.


I moved all the toys out of The Cuties’ bedrooms and took the board games off the living room shelves and stashed them in the built-in shelves and cabinets.  The American Girl dolls had been stashed away in each of The Cuties’ closets for lack of anywhere else to store them.  Now that they are front and center on the shelves, they are back to being played with on a very regular basis.



I love that there’s room in this space for my two J.C. Phillips paintings.  She’s a friend of mine who is a fabulous artist and extraordinarily clever children’s book author.  If you haven’t read Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed or the sequel, Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted to Nap, you should run right out and buy them!  She also has a new book coming out in March that you can pre-order on Amazon, called Monkey Ono.  We will be sure to stop by the bookstore as soon as we land in America this summer to check it out!


There are frosted sliding doors to this room, so it can double as a guest room when we have visitors, as well.

But on a day to day basis, what those doors really mean are that I can close them when creative play is happening and The Cuties want to leave their games or inventions until the next day, and no one has to step over it or see it first thing!

How awesome is that.

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2 Responses to A Place to Play!

  1. Julie says:

    You are too sweet to give me a shout out! Thanks so much and the new space looks great! Hope you all are well!

  2. Kristin says:

    Saw you around babycenter (had a third baby and I’m back on again), and remembered you from family finances. Followed your blog and you’ve moved to Japan! How fun! Love that you got a playroom and adore your kitchen!!!! Enjoy life in Japan and keep blogging!

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