In the Mood for Love {or at Least a Good Sugar Buzz!}

I can never decide which is a tougher day for elementary school teachers: the day after Halloween or Valentine’s Day.  Both involve way too much sugar, but Valentine’s Day includes the added pressure of having to choose the *perfect* card for your classmates.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated here in Japan, but unfortunately there are no ready-made boxed cards available to buy.  This presented a bit of a crisis last year, so at the end of the summer, The Cuties and I scoured Pinterest for ideas so we could bring back the necessary supplies for something fun this year.

Little Cutie chose this fun idea from Thompson and Spring.  It was a piece of cake to set this up as a Word document and cut it with my paper-cutter.  I then cut slits on either side, and we slid the rulers through.  It holds the card stock firmly enough that it won’t slide off, but can easily be pulled off so the kids can use the rulers.


This is Big Cutie’s last year to pass out valentines to her class.  She sweet-talked me into letting her pass out candy for the first time when she fell in love with this idea from I Heart Nap Time.  We downloaded the printable, cut them out, and she signed each of them.  Add a few mini-Swedish fish in a clear bag, and a bow and they are ready to pass out tomorrow!


And me?  I only pass out valentines to The Cuties and my husband, so mine are all ready to go, too!  I’m very excited about what I found for each of the girls, and I’m thinking my guy will probably have a good idea of what’s in his bag since I’ve given him the same thing every single Valentine’s Day for 19 years now! 😉


{did you catch that I found yet another use for washi tape?!}

And in case all that chocolate that will be passed out tomorrow isn’t enough sugar, I plan to contribute a little more and am sending in dozens of these to school tomorrow!


Hope you spend Valentine’s Day with people you love!

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5 Responses to In the Mood for Love {or at Least a Good Sugar Buzz!}

  1. Tokyo Jinja says:

    Dying over the swedish fish (my favorites). Do you think she can save one for me? So kawaiiiii!

  2. george says:

    Great Ideas! Love the “Your Rule” ! The little bags of Fish… good for boys day too ?! Just saying!? Happy Valentines Day!

  3. feltsocute says:

    Love the idea of tweaking them for Boys Day!

  4. Love your comment on what’s hardest for teachers- another teacher and I were just saying if we ruled the world we would change Valentine’s to the second SATURDAY in Feb and October to the last SATURDAY in October. Weekends always. 🙂 I love your blog and your organized craftiness!

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