Covered Bulletin Board

When I shared my little desk area in our new kitchen you may have spied my green zebra bulletin board over the desk.

It had very humble beginnings, but was a super easy project that requires absolutely no crafting ability, whatsoever!

I started with a basic bulletin board, some cotton batting and decorator-weight cotton {you’ll want something significant like this to hold up to the small holes that will be created by your thumbtacks}.  A staple gun would be best, but I didn’t have one on hand and there are no Home Depots in Tokyo for an easily bought cheap one, so my regular desk top one worked in a pinch.


I first ironed my fabric and placed it face down, and then put the batting on top of it and added the bulletin board on top of that.  When you cut down your batting and fabric, be sure to leave a generous amount of excess on all four sides.


I start with opposite sides at one time.  Pull the two layers of batting and fabric together and staple to the backside of the bulletin board.  It’s best to start with a quick staple in the center and each side and then turn your board around and do the same thing with the opposite side.  This will keep your fabric pulled evenly, which is especially important if you’re working with a graphic pattern that has any kind of direction so you do not end up with crooked fabric.


Corners are the trickiest part.  I folded them in like wrapping the ends of a present, but ultimately what you really care about is that it looks as flat and neat as possible on the outside edge.

cornerWhen you finish all your stapling, go back with sharp scissors and trim away the excess fabric from the back to reduce bulk {you won’t want to work with this project with the fabric this short at the beginning as it’s too hard to pull taut}.


At this point, your bulletin board looks like this.


It’s totally up to you if you wish to hang it like this or add some sort of embellishment.  There are many options that range from the more complex like a French bulletin board treatment or a Greek key trim to the simple like I ended up doing.

I bought coordinating twill trim and with my hot glue gun, attached it to the edge as a border {I felt alongside as I glued for the wooden edge to the bulletin board as my guide to keep a straight line}.  I folded the corners in on themselves and added a drop of glue to each layer.  I discovered it was easiest to start and end on one of the straightaways and not on the corners as that added too much bulk.


And here’s the finished product!


{Do you spy my holiday card from the First Family?  We’re super tight and all.  I bet the First Lady is constantly sitting at dinner telling the President all about that blog she reads of the family over in Tokyo doing crafty DIY projects! 😉 }

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8 Responses to Covered Bulletin Board

  1. Tokyo Jinja says:

    I had just promised my girls that in their next rooms they can have color matched fabric pin boards. This will be coming in very handy next September, only I won’t be able to make you come and help me!! :-(((

  2. karen0221 says:

    You are almost ready to stretch paintings! Come join me sometime and I’ll show you how. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas.

  3. feltsocute says:

    I would LOVE to learn to stretch canvas, Karen. That seems like a good life skill to have!

  4. Haha- keep calm and get your pearls on – love that!

  5. Girl- haven’t you heard of Tokyu Hands? The Target of Japan? They have all that stuff…

  6. feltsocute says:

    TWO separate trips and there was no staple gun to be found there. We are CLEARLY not spending enough time together if you did not know that I am at Tokyu Hands pretty much ever other week!

  7. OH! because it is a gun- and they are not allowed here. Why didn`t we think of that?

    I can`t believe we haven`t run into each other there!

  8. OH! It`s a gun- that`s why it`s not sold here. Why didn`t I think of it?

    Can`t believe we haven`t run in to each other at TH!

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