Lucky Little Headband

My most popular headband I ever sold in my Etsy shop was this Shamrock one.

I’ve tried this “style” of headband at other holidays, but it never works as well as the Shamrock shape and so it remains my one and only non-flower I ever sold!

To make one of your own, you need three different, but close shades of green felt {I used lime green, apple green and Kelly green}.  I like to either do lightest to darkest or darkest to lightest, but there are no rules, so pick whatever looks best to you!  You’ll also need a large rhinestone for your center and a headband as your base.  I prefer a wider headband for this particular project to give the shamrock a little ‘body.’

In the above photo, you’ll see my pattern set.  If you’re just going to make one headband, you could probably freehand these, but since I make these a lot and I struggle with shamrock shapes in general, I made a proper pattern set.  I like to make my patterns on graph paper as it helps me check my proportions and balance.  For something like this project you can then use a photocopier to either shrink or enlarge your pattern at an interval two times to get your other two templates.

I have laminated my patterns, and so they can easily withstand pinning them to the felt and cutting around it.  When you first cut the felt, it will not look very pretty.  Don’t fret!

See?  A little rough, right?  Not to worry.  Take your top layer and stack it on top of the middle layer and “clean it up” and then repeat with the bottom layer.  Now it should look much prettier!

Hot glue your layers together and add a rhinestone center and then attach it to your headband!  Now give to some lucky little lass!

If you live somewhere chilly, this would look adorable with a pin on the back, attached to hat or lapel of your jacket.

Stay out of trouble this St. Patrick’s Day and be lucky!

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1 Response to Lucky Little Headband

  1. Suzanne says:

    I made these based on your tutorial. They are highly complimented and make me smile when I pulled them out of the March “bin” -same goes for your Valentine’s yarn wreaths and glittered driedels (I made both of those from you too after I discovered your blog a few years back)

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