My New Ride

Nope, I still don’t drive in Tokyo.

But I finally got a bicycle and boy, is she a beauty.

The husband and I set out to the bike shop last weekend where he asked all sorts of technical questions and checked out important details on things like battery life and front and rear working lights.

Me?  I needed to ensure our choice was available in either pink or green.

I am nothing if not consistent.


I’m still on a bit of a learning curve as to how to maneuver riding a bicycle amidst the pedestrian traffic and to handle the “surge” while taking off up a hill in electric mode.  But I haven’t killed myself yet and I managed to ride to the grocery store today and get what I needed and ride back in a matter of minutes, which was the whole goal of the purchase, so I am a happy gal.

Now if I can just figure out exactly where I can sneak a bright green monogram I will be in heaven!

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8 Responses to My New Ride

  1. lisabach says:

    She’s a beaut!!! I’m about to buy a new bike too–no motor on mine though….will make hills much more difficult!

  2. feltsocute says:

    Where you live you could totally justify an electric bike, too!

  3. George says:

    Go girl! Congratulations! Surely Tokyo Hands has a big enough range of colours of contact sheet on the roll, or in squares that you could design and cut your own logo! And with that motor you’d be in Shibuya in no time! ……. Xxg p.s. don’t go Meiji dori route you’ll get stuck at the bus station! Take the picturesque fashionista thru Nishi azabu crossing and left up onto koto dori, go over Aoyama dori .down the otherside via British school ( childrens castle) cross over Meiji dori go under the bridge, and past IOIO turn left and up the hill ….need I tell you anymore! ……sidewalks won’t be busy if you aim for 9.30/10am…. I miss Japan!

  4. Marysue says:

    Wow…what a bike! Wish mine had a motor! Yet another adventure.

  5. Condo Blues says:

    We have a monster hill in our neighborhood I have to navagate to ride my bike to the trail. I’m coveting the motor too!

  6. Julie says:

    Good for you! That bike is super swank!

  7. shelli says:

    Nice wheels! Enjoy!

  8. Lindsay K {from BBC} says:

    Cute bike! How about a scalloped edge metal sign with your monogram on the front or rear basket? If you could find something similar to Oracal 651 in Tokyo, you could even do the seat. Hope you’ll post an update when you get a monogram on there (because I know you will!)

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