My Week in Numbers

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week, by the numbers:

1000 piece puzzle completed.

I am a seriously obsessive puzzle-doer, folks.  I stayed up past 1:00 am more than once this week attempting to put a dent in this beast.  I am ready to reclaim my dining room table and give my poor eyes a rest!


41 eggs in my house.

I bought eggs at the grocery store this week and when they arrived in my delivery, three of the eight were broken.  I called the store to tell them, and after great apologies, the delivery man reappeared at my door with twenty eggs, a package of strawberries and an apology letter from the store manager.  In putting all of the eggs away in the refrigerator, I realized I didn’t need any eggs in the first place, and that I now had more than three dozen.  At The Cuties’ request, we made several hard and soft-boiled for quick breakfasts.  I had fun with my Sharpie and realized I clearly am having some Easter egg decorating jealousy since we don’t celebrate.


33 overnight camp forms completed and uploaded.

I have signed waivers, completed health histories, written about their personalities, and helped The Cuties select their activities.  The paperwork for summer camp is officially done!  I know the Internet is wonderful and all, but I sort of miss the days of paper forms where I could fill in the general information, photocopy it for my other child and save myself writing the same basic stuff twice on a dozen different forms!

21 separate flights booked.

The Cuties and I have a busy summer planned!  {and these don’t even count the flights I helped my husband book for his visit to see us}  We have to get from Tokyo to America and then head several places once we’re there.  I went to bed one night positive I’d booked everything and was feeling quite pleased with myself.  Until I sat up in bed and realized I never booked a flight for me to fly back up to the Midwest to pick The Cuties up from summer camp.  OOPS!

6 inches of hair!

I got a big chop this week that was rather badly needed.  Even more importantly, I washed that gray right outta my hair {never a good sign when your youngest child is asking why your hair is two different colors!}  I snapped a quick picture on my way out to send my husband so he wasn’t shocked when I walked in the door!  Feel free to laugh at my “selfie;” they’re always painfully awkward.  What can I say, I’m 41, my first cell phone came in a big bag with a long cord !


and finally, I am knee-deep in packing 3 suitcases for Spring Break!  We are off to Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand for some adventures, where the weather forecast is 103 degrees ~ How’s THAT for a number?!!!

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1 Response to My Week in Numbers

  1. Tokyo Jinja says:

    Have a great trip – love the haircut!!

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