If You Give A Room a Rug….

You know the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

Where every little action has the consequence of requiring another action?

Welcome to my life.

So we moved into the new apartment.  And were fortunate enough to now have both a Playroom and a spare bedroom that we’ve designated Craft Room Central.

In the old apartment, we had a cute Ikea rug in our spare room.


But that clearly needed to move to the new Craft Room Central to serve its life mission of protecting ridiculously light-colored carpet in a rental apartment (because any new rug would come from the furniture rental shop, thus defeating the point of being the great protector from messes if I had to protect the rug protecting the carpet – see the madness, here?).

And so it was moved.


And a new rug was procured from said furniture rental facility.


And the silly man with whom I live thought all was right in my world until I tried to explain to him that the new rug and the old sofa pillows looked terrible together.  And he promptly gave me the same sad and confused puppy dog eyes our Newfoundland used to give me when I’d make him wait for dinner.


But not to worry!

As always, I have the deepest and most ridiculous craft stash at my beck and call, and so once, I again, I present you a project for which nothing was purchased!

I printed templates out of card stock on my Silhouette and cut them out of felt {I know that I can have the Silhouette do this for me, but I didn’t have the proper materials on hand, and as usual I wanted instant gratification, and certainly didn’t want to have wait for an overseas care package}.


I then pinned my letters and symbols to my pillow pieces and sewed them down with the machine in a simple, short straight stitch.  I love how appliqued felt looks; reminds me a little bit of trapunto.


Then I sewed up the pillow covers right over the old pillows and was good to go!


There were plenty of LOLs and OMGs from The Cuties.  These definitely got my tween girlies’ seal of approval.



And that, my friends, is the story of how if you give me a new apartment, I’ll need a new rug….

….and all new pillows.

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4 Responses to If You Give A Room a Rug….

  1. condo blues says:

    Great pillow cover idea. It made me LOL 😉 (I couldn’t resist)

  2. Tokyo Jinja says:

    I love that you just sewed the new pillows up and around the old ones! OMG LOL 😉

  3. los angeles says:

    Cute pillows and the rug looks great too! A little DIY really does go a long long way. Home owners should definitely have a few DIY things at home to make the home more personal.

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