Washi Laptop

My problem continues.

My washi tape problem, that is.

But Big Cutie was working on a project and I just couldn’t help myself.


And lately it seems that despite having a work laptop, a laptop of his own and an iPad, my husband is always commandeering my laptop.  So it occurred to me that if I made it as girly as humanly possible perhaps it could be mine and all mine!


Is this seriously cute or what?

It reminds me of grosgrain ribbon from Pappagallo back in the Dark Ages when I was Big Cutie’s age and everything I adored came with polka dots and stripes and whales and alligators {OK, nothing has actually changed in 30 years I guess}.

Now all of my electronics belong in The Official Preppy Handbook and perfectly coordinate.

preppyelectronicsAll I did was place my washi tape with tails hanging off and then used my x-acto knife slid gently against the edge of the computer to cut flush.

If I ever tire of it, it comes right off and I can go back to the plain silver or completely change my design!

The only problem I see is that it’s in no way stopping my husband from using this computer.  Clearly in our house filled with three females, and a sea of pink, he is completely confidant in his masculinity!


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8 Responses to Washi Laptop

  1. Christie says:

    Where did you get your Otterbox? Mine Lily case is cracked so of course I need a new one.

  2. feltsocute says:

    You can completely customize them however you wish 🙂

  3. gena says:

    Gosh that is adorable! Reminds me of my highschool years – I went to school with a girl who’s family owned that little alligator company and we all sewed alligators on our uniforms – lol! Drove the nuns crazy!


  4. Pink and green are my favorite colors too! I’ve always had pink in the MB and I’ve asked my husband if it bothers him and he says no. The bedrooms and bathrooms are girly and the rest is other colors.

  5. Super cute. Do you have trouble getting the washi to stay in place? I wrapped my iPhone power cord (just the big, square part that goes in the wall) and it keeps peeling up. I mainly wrapped it so The Husband couldn’t lose his and try to claim mine. I chose pink with polka dots so he would know it’s mine! 😎

  6. Super fun!

    I would love for you to share this and link up to my TGIF Link Party! The party is open every Friday and closes at midnight on Wednesday night. Who knows, you just might be featured next week!


    Hugs, Cathy

  7. Allison says:

    Love, love, love that cover!!

  8. Julie says:

    I thought of you immediatly when I saw this!!!!!
    Washi Tape Holder

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