News from The Happy Place

The Cuties and I have been Stateside for about two weeks now.

It took almost 24 hours from the time we started our journey in Tokyo until we dropped our suitcases at The Happy Place, AKA Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

And it was worth every minute of it.

I start each day with breakfast on the porch, and this view ~


We’ve met our new neighbor, and have agreed to coexist peacefully ~


I’ve drunk an Arnold Palmer every single day ~

arnold palmer

Every day the weather has been nice has found us either at one of the pools ~


or boogie boarding and sand castle-building at the beach {this week we had cousins join us!} ~


We had one set of grandparents come visit ~


Big Cutie once again beat me in our annual pecan pie-eating contest ~


Little Cutie got to pet a baby gator ~


We met the most talented balloon artist ever!


The Cuties spotted a dozen dolphins on their Poppy’s boat ~


While I claimed my favorite napping spot of the past two decades ~


We’ve been to the Lilly store.  Twice.


And all the grandchildren had a slumber party with Grammy & Poppy.


The best part of all is that DADDY ARRIVES tomorrow from Tokyo and will get to spend time with us at The Happy Place!!!  Which automatically makes it The Extra-Happy Place for me and The Cuties.

Although I will confess, the car rental’s little mistake and failing to have my basic SUV and offering me this instead at my Priceline rate to drive around in kinda made things a little Happier as well! 🙂


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3 Responses to News from The Happy Place

  1. Christy H says:

    Girl – you make me laugh! When are you making the trek in that sweet ride to your second happy place – the QC?

  2. feltsocute says:

    It’s DEFINITELY on the schedule for next year {you can help me find a dress for the Bat Mitzvah – yikes!}, but I don’t know if I can make it this year. And unfortunately that sweet ride gets turned into something like a Ford Focus tomorrow, LOL!

  3. Proud aunt Pam says:

    That’s the most active 2 weeks I could imagine! So fun. Can’t wait to see you guys!

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